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How Hard It Is to Build Muscles and Lose Fat at the Same Time?

Most gym enthusiasts are divided into two categories – those who want to lose some weight and those looking to increase their muscle mass. People rarely tackle both of these issues at the same time, thinking that they won’t be able to do. However, building muscles and losing weight simultaneously is possible, but it’s harder than you may think – it requires a lot of time, tons of effort, a huge amount of discipline and maximum dedication. This isn’t for everyone, so that’s why many give up before even trying it. Nonetheless, if you’re eager to give it a shot, here are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

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Combine Exercises

Don’t expect results unless you do some planning. Figuring out a proper workout schedule is the only way to succeed, especially if you decide to tackle these two goals simultaneously. You must combine exercises for losing weight with those that pump your muscles, and not just any mix will do.

One of the ways to go is targeting antagonist muscle groups during the same workout session. Instead of limiting your training only to one part of your body, broaden your perspective and do multiple groups of muscles at the same time. For example, target biceps and triceps together, or quads and hamstring or opt for combined back and chest exercises. The first part of your combo will significantly boost your energy level, especially if you start with cardio, and make you sweat more than usual – which is great for losing excessive weight – while the other completes it by pumping your muscles.

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More Intensity

The biggest reason of failure in the gym is lack of intensity – training slowly, making long breaks and finishing early will ultimately get you nowhere. Only focused training can produce results and make you happy with your progress. Therefore, instead of resting between exercises, do a set of sit-ups – or hop onto a stationary bicycle for two minutes of intense cycling. This way, you’ll mix weight routine with cardio exercises and maintain a flow.

Also, don’t be afraid to get some help. Consulting a personal trainer or an experienced gym member is always good, as well as getting interested into supplements. These will assist you and make your weight loss/muscle gain process much faster and easier. If you realize you can’t do everything on your own, you can turn to performance enhancement supplements and even steroids, but you should be aware of their side effects. Once you learn more about SARMs, androgens and other options, you’ll easily find a way to include them into your training.

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Think About Food Intake

When following a strict dietary regime, you may notice that you’re losing strength and stamina because you’re eating less food. You do get gradually leaner, but this also prevents you from becoming stronger. Weight loss sometimes includes a loss of muscles, too, so keep in mind that you must eat properly if you want to get buffed. And the most effective way to ensure this is by constantly getting enough proteins.

When it comes to food, weight loss and building muscles are two opposite things – you have to eat less food to achieve the first goal, but eat more if you want to succeed in the latter as well. Here’s where proteins come into play: these might help you do two things at the same time and get the best of both worlds. Opting for healthy and nutritive meals rich in protein will feed your muscles, but also help you reduce your overall weight by providing you with healthy fiber and boosting your metabolism. Finally, remember to eat frequently and try to grab a meal every three hours.

Other Methods

Some of the other things you should do is stay hydrated, get enough sleep and rest, and, in the end, focus on cardio exercises – these will help you burn more fat and get you prepared for intense weight training.

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