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over 1 year Story
Hottest Makeup Trends: Spring Summer 2016

Spring is almost here and it is high time to get rid of our bulky clothing and our winter habits and welcome the hottest trends for the following season. What is in store for 2016? What colours, shades and tones are taking over this time? What looks should we expect for the spring and summer of the following year? Let’s just say that it certainly won’t be boring! If you are interested to find out what are the funkiest beauty trends for 2016, you are at the right place. Read the following lines to get a proper insight in these astonishing makeup styles:

Bold Eyes

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Forget the smokey eyes and subtle eye shadows – 2016 is all about maximalism. The more the merrier they say; well this spring/summer is reserved for vivid colours and bold textures. If you want to achieve that killer look, go all the way and do not be afraid to experiment. Various shades of blue are a definite leader here, but purple, yellow, pink and green are also great choices. Do not hesitate to add sparkle or combine more colours; this season is all about extravagance.

Organic Movement

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Back to basics. Natural is in once again. Neutral colours, smooth skin and subtle shades are taking over the world. Relying only on natural-based products and organic make up are the first steps towards achieving this glowing natural sensation characteristic for natural beauty. Proper skin care, clean lines, fresh and hydrated skin are the basics of this simple yet quite effective beauty trend.

Spark up Those Lips

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If you are not a huge fan of enriching your eyes, perhaps this funky trend is more suitable for you taste. This trend is focused exclusively on the lips and nothing else. Forget the rest of the face, bold and strong lips are a key factor here. Red lipstick is never going out of style, so you can be sure that even this summer you won’t make a mistake by wearing it. But do not stop there. Gold, sparkle, orange and bright pink are a total hit this year and will surely attract curious faces.

Though Brows

Great news for all those strong-browed girls that were overshadowed the past few years with the thin eyebrows trend ruling over. It seems that this year strong, structured eyebrows are a complete and definite winner. Restrain yourself from plucking your brows to the minimum and focus on enhancing their natural characteristics. If you have light brows, it is a good idea to increase their visibility simply by applying a little bit of colour. This trend allows you to rock the boyish look without enhancing other characteristics of your face and focusing only on the brows.

90s Are Back

Are you ready to go back in time? 90s are making a huge comeback this year with its smudged and worn in eyeliners and matte black eye shadow, totally creating that grunge look of the 90s that we so desperately love. Caramel tan and just a bit of lip gloss to add to the complete look, take us straight back to the decade that never seems to end.

This year is all about contrasts. Whether you wish to follow a more natural route or perhaps give your look some bold lines – 2016 is open for experimenting. Try out different trends for the upcoming seasons and find your middle ground. Spring and summer of 2016 are ready to be explored.

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