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6mo Delhi Story
Health benefits of Vitamins

The health benefits of vitamins include their ability to prevent and treat various diseases including eye disorders, high cholesterol levels, heart problems, and skin disorders. Most common vitamins are acquired through the foods we eat, but it is possible to be low in some natural vitamin intake. A multivitamin is often considered one of the best options for improving the overall balance of your body, particularly if you have a job or a lifestyle that frequently causes you to miss meals, eat at strange times, or eat the same food very often.

Some Beneficial Benefits of Vitamins Are

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is useful in treating acne, eye problem, skin disorders, and infections. It also helps improve the health of your hair.Vitamin A is obtained from fruits and vegetables in the forms of pro vitamins. Vitamins A Rich foods are Carrots, Kale, Eggs, Broccoli and Sweet potato.

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Benefits of Vitamin A:

1: Provides Immune Support, 2: Fights Inflammation, 3: Skin Health and Cell Growth, 4: Prevent Cancer

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is abundant in Fruits and vegetables. It is powerful antioxidant and a water soluble vitamins. Vitamins C Rich Sources are Oranges, Red peppers, Kale, Brussels sprouts,Broccoli, Strawberries and grapes.

Benefits of Vitamin C

1: Skin Aging

2: Improve mascular degeneration

3: Reduce inflammation

4: Reduce stress problem and Reduce the risk of cancer

Vitamin K

It is a very important vitamin to prevent menstrual pain,, excessive menstrual flow, internal bleeding, and osteoporosis, including an ability to improve blood clotting. It is also linked to improved nerve signalling, bone metabolism, preventing of atherosclerosis, and kidney stones. Best sources of Vitamin K are Kale, Collard greens, Spinach, Turnip greens, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, Parsley, Broccoli, Asparagus, Lettuce, green leaf kale etc.

Benefits of Vitamin K

1: help keep lower blood pressure

2: vitamin K supports the maintenance of strong bones§

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, because it helps the body use calcium from the diet. It is a fat-soluble Essential Vitamin or Mineral that our skin synthesizes when exposed to the sun. Vitamins D Rich Sources are Fatty fish, some dairy products, orange juice, Cheese, Egg yolks etc.

Benefits of Vitamin D

1: stronger bones

2: Improved muscle function

3: Decreased risk of type 2 Diabetic

4: Reduced risk of cancer

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