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Good sleep vs Productivity

They keep telling us we should get more sleep in order to be more productive; they constantly remind us it’s essential we put ourselves first for any progress to blossom; we are all the time encouraged to find the time in a day and just…be. What they don’t do, though, is put things in perspective and base them on realistic circumstances.

Unfortunately, the times aren’t easy and we all know it – it takes double the effort (if not triple) to make things happen. Oftentimes, even THAT doesn’t qualify as enough, especially when you’ve got other things in life besides your job. For all of us with families, two jobs, a social life that’s, at this point, hanging by the thread, it’s pretty difficult to juggle it all. Not only that we can’t squeeze in an extra of two hours of sleep a day but at times – even a 5-minute snooze feels like a luxury.  Can you sense the frustration?

I am a committed professional in my scope of work and once I started noticing that I was slacking, I got pretty angsty. Not managing to have a social life because I am tired is one thing; not being able to do my job well? Well, that’s a whole different story.

As someone who got fed up with the entire set of “helpful” advice, I’ve decided I come up with my own rules and organizational sets, and try to make things work. And guess what – I’ve nailed it. Figuring most of you could benefit from some real-time-and-circumstance advice, I’m writing this post.

Here, some guidance:

Split the work

I absolutely understand the “super woman” moment, but hey – it’s not doing you any good. Stress has proven to be more tiring than physical labor and the fact you’re killing yourself working as much as you do and then coming home to a third shift (of housework) isn’t life – it’s willing torture. Talk to your partner about splitting the work around the house; after all, you’ve never signed up for everything that you are doing around the house. If your partner is as busy as you are – hire help or turn to your mother and/or mother-in-law. You may even manage to squeeze a power nap in a day with this arrangement!

Assign tasks to kids

No, nobody’s talking about child labor; in fact, giving kids little tasks to do around the house like take out the trash, clean after themselves, put the dishes away, keep their rooms clean, learn to fold their own laundry, etc. is not only teaching them responsibility but is also taking a huge load off your back. It works!

Invest in your bedroom

Why do we tend to overlook the one place that’s supposed to be our haven, I’ll never understand. The bedroom is the place to lie down and rest, read, watch TV, cuddle and snuggly with your partner, enjoy the leisure time. As such – the décor should play a significant role while most of us have our bedrooms look like storages and laundry rooms rather than our oasis of peace. Redecorate your bedroom so it oozes tranquility and calm; go for earthly colors that will instill you with serenity and subliminally relax you. Include art pieces that make you happy and invest in good bedding and matrices to stay relaxed an comfortable throughout the night. Once we redecorated our bedroom, both of us sleep like babies and we’re generally happier about going to bed and waking up (plus, our sex life improved!).

Cut back on hours

If your financial situation allows it, cut back on hours. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change but at least something that would actually allow it for you to sleep more than four hours a night. Talk to your partner about your family budget and see if things can be moved around a bit.  If they can – don’t doubt this decision for a second!

Good luck and remember – you won’t be any less of a superwoman if you make things easier on yourself a bit. Ok?

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