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Ghana – the Gateway to Africa

Though not as famous among Western travelers as Egypt, Tunisia or Morocco, Ghana is climbing up Africa’s tourism ladder fast. Why? The answer is simple: this African beauty has all it takes to make the vacation of your dreams come true – and it is also becoming a hot destination for short business trips. From vibrant culture, tropical climate, and affordable accommodation to abundance of festivals, great surfing and diving spots, and lively music scene, Ghana is the new gateway to Africa which deserves a place on every avid traveler’s bucket list. Are you ready to embark on your wild Ghanaian tour?

Ghana’s Big Apple

Accra’s Kotoka International Airport is usually the first stop on every tourist’s exploration of the fascinating country. From the airport, you can take a cab to the heart of Ghana’s capital, a busy business hub and the focal point of the country’s culture, hospitality, tourism, and historical landmarks. As for accommodation, flats and house rentals are by far the best option in Ghana, and extremely favorable deals are available through real estate portals such as Among sightseeing sites, the list of must-see tourist attractions includes Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Memorial Park, National Museum and National Theatre, and Aburi Botanical Gardens. Shoppaholics can haggle all they like for handcrafted items, artifacts and rich fabrics in Accra’s many shopping centres, such as Marina Mall, Junction Mall, Accra Mall, Macola Market, and Palace Hypermarket.

Surf’s up!

From April to August, the world’s best surfers head off to Ghana for a dash of adrenaline and wave riding fun. Black Mamba and Kokrobite are well-known wave-shredding point breaks loved by hard-core surfers, while Busua Beach and Achenim are better suited to surfing beginners. For expert tips and surf spot recommendations, chat up a local at one of the many surf shops along the Busua Beach: these guys know waves like the back of their hand and are very eager to share them with like-minded enthusiasts. If you are up for the challenge, you can even try carving the waves alongside a local surfing legend!

Dive in!

Off Miemia Bay, diving enthusiasts are welcomed by hundreds of colorful fish, sea horses, snails, crabs, and lobsters. Though not as famous as surfing destinations, Ghana’s dive spots are no less picturesque: shallow coral reefs, stingrays, moray eels, and stragglers are only some of the local marine dwellers which scuba aficionados can see up close in the Akatechi Bay. Those who are more daring should definitely try visiting the spots near the border with Ivory Coast – just make sure you are accompanied by a professional scuba instructor as undertow in the area can be tricky.

Time to make merry

Ghanaians are known for their positivity, love of music and hospitality, and their good cheer is best reflected in the multitude of festivals that span the calendar. In April, Krobo land in the vicinity of Accra hosts the traditional womanhood initiation rite festival known as Dipo. In May, two Asafo groups set out on a daring antelope hunting expedition as part of the festival known as Aboakyir. During Bakatue festival, in July, a procession headed by chiefs marches to the lagoon in Elmina to pour jam and eggs into the lagoon in honor of the beginning of the fishing season. In August and September, many cities and towns in Ghana stage thanksgiving festivities to express their gratitude for rich crops and offer sacrifices to gods and spirits of the ancestors.

Great for business too

Ghana is also an excellent destination for business trips: as the country’s economy continues to record a steady growth, an increasing number of international companies are on the move to Accra in pursuit of profits and a hungry middle class market. Some of Ghana’s most promising startups recently made it to the Forbes list of up-and-coming tech businesses, and the country is an ideal destination for foreign investors looking to expand their operation in oil industry, retail, and real estate. Ghana is making big waves in the crowd of global business trip destinations: it offers privacy, opportunities for business growth and new partnerships, and a scenic backdrop for a formal meeting for moguls sick and tired of conferences in Western metropolises.

If you want to experience Africa’s unique cultural and historical blend or find peace and comfort during your next holiday, Ghana is definitely the place to go. Pack your bags and hit the road: from Accra to Bolgatanga, this wild land is a true paradise on earth.

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