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Get your Family Ready for Warmer Weather

As much as we all love winter starting with the holidays, the overall feeling of coziness, warmth of the fireplace, the purity of the snow, and the smell of gingerbread cookies, after a while, we’ll get tired of it, and start imagining the days without all the jackets, boots, and scarves, with the light breeze and the sunshine.

Luckily, those days are about to come, and soon, but before they arrive, we, together with our families need to get ready.

Here are several things to do before spring comes:


Through spring cleaning, we will also cleanse ourselves. Start with replacing the tough, thick bedding with the lighter ones, and liven it up with vibrant spring colors. This works for windows as well. Go for floral curtains, or the transparent ones to let the sunshine in. Also, bring out the carpets for a wash, and leave the rooms ‘empty’ for a while—it will surely make them feel fresh! As far as the décor pieces are concerned, match them with the weather, and instead of wintery reds and dark greens, go for yellow, blue and other bright colors. The same concept goes for pillows, throw blankets, but also your collection of plants. Enrich the rooms with fresh branches and flowers and invite spring into your home.

Sorting out wardrobes

Although it’s not the time for light dresses and shorts yet, those thick, heavy sweaters and coats are ready to be stored away and for winter. Sort out your family’s wardrobes, especially the kids’, since they are likely to grow out of this year’s winter clothes by the time the next arrives. If you think some items have finished their job, pack them and take them to a thrift store, or donate them to children’s homes. Now that you’ve done that, think about buying some new pieces for the upcoming period. Try online shopping at websites like which offers some great deals on a wide variety of incredibly cute quality children’s clothing. Treat yourself, too, with some much-needed spring items.

Changing the family diet

During winter, we need strong comfort food to keep us warm and energized. However, when it’s warm outside, it’s not very healthy to eat the heavy meals we got used to, so think about changing the meal plan. If you have a garden, try planting some seeds to always have fresh veggies for salads and soups, and if you can’t do that, at least write down some ideas for quick, healthy meals. Go for fish, chicken, and a lot of veggies that contain all the necessary vitamins to protect our loved ones from spring allergies and viruses. Check the web for some of the tasty as well as healthy ideas.

Planning fun outside activities for the whole family

It’s okay, we all get lazy during winter. It is too cold outside and we’ll rather stay under a blanket with an enormous mug of hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies. But now that the sun is outside and we don’t need to bundle up as much, it’s time to burn the calories from all the candy and tough food. To not make it look like a boring exercise, think about the ways the whole family can engage outside. Go for long walks, visit new parks, lakes, seaside, or whatever you have that’s fairly near your home. Again, if there’s enough space for a garden, make it a fun activity to plant new herbs and vegetables. You can even organize a family game days of the week, where you can all go outside and play.

Every season of the year has its perks we all enjoy more or less. Now that the spring is at the door, we should get ready for the warmer weather and its fresh sunny days.

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