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Front Entry Tips for Every Home

Having a quality front entry is the most important thing for leaving a good impression on people. This does not go to say that properly arranging the rest of your home is trivial, but merely that paying attention to your front entry is just about equally as important.

In Front of the Front Door

Coming up with an inviting, breath-taking front entry starts before the actual door. Your front porch needs to be well-decorated, not too flashy, yet warm and inviting. However, the front porch also needs to reflect your home’s interior. Even the most gorgeous, cutting-edge front door won’t do the trick, if it isn’t a matching one. Make sure that you have your front porch decorated, but be careful not to turn it too flashy and overwhelming. For example, while a steel door is complementary with square-shaped stone tiles, a wooden front door will go great with plant decorations.

Front entry


No matter how beautiful you make your front entry appear, if you don’t make a proper way for light to come in, aesthetics won’t do you too much good. This doesn’t only include the lighting you choose, but also the way sunlight hits the front of your home. Regardless of what colouring you opt for, without halfway-decent LED lights, no-one will be able to see the perfect colour matches you’ve chosen.

When it comes to sunlight, the front entry isn’t a place for shade. Although your front yard may perfectly benefit from a cozy shade, you should always look to allow for some sunlight to hit your front porch.

When it comes to the inside of your doorway, large windows will go a long way in providing a lively atmosphere for your front entry.

Staging Your Home

Staging the home when you’re selling it is by all means a thing that goes without saying. This doesn’t mean that your current arrangements are bad, per se, but a living space left too personal is likely to deter people from buying it. With this in mind, a lot of importance needs to be attributed to the front entry’s appearance – the first impression is often the most important step in selling a home.

Another important factor to consider is having your home numbers easily visible from the street – in this way, you are more likely to attract a larger number of interested buyers.

When it comes to the internal part of your front entry, it’s important that you divide the room, without losing too much space. Quality internal doors will go a long way in tackling this and provide the house with a lot of noise reduction. Depending on your home’s style, you may want to opt for a discreet sliding door, or perhaps a lightweight door.

Using Paint

Coming up with a perfect front entry space has a lot to do with the way open-floor plans are made. By using different colour shades and patterns, you create the feel of separate rooms, even though there aren’t any clear structural divisions between your front entry and the rest of your home.

These patterns are applicable to floors, walls, ceilings or any number of the three combined.

Without a clearly outlined front entry, people, as well as yourself, will get a feeling that they’re walking right into your living room, which isn’t a perfect-case scenario.

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