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From Princess to Mogul: Chanel Omari is the face to watch in 2017

Who Is Chanel Omari?

Journalist/TV Host/TV personality, fashion designer and reality star Chanel Omari has come a long way in 29 years.  After earning her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism  & Communications at Northeastern University, Omari worked in television production, writing, hosting and reporting for nearly a decade.  Over the last ten years, Chanel worked for industry heavy-hitters including Donny Deutsch, Maury Povich, Bill Cunningham and Anderson Cooper.  Omari has interviewed major celebrities such as; Barbara Walters, Andy Cohen, Billy Ray Cyrus, Adam Levine, Nick Cannon, La La Anthony, Vanessa Hudgens, Gabrielle Union, Jamie King, Joan Rivers and more. Additionally, Omari has produced shows for ABC, NBC, A&E and Warner Brothers.

In 2012, Chanel Omari decided to go in front of the cameras, co-starring in Bravo TV’s “Princesses Long Island.”  As the social connector of an ensemble cast, Chanel narrated the show in a Carrie Bradshaw-like way from her own perspective, sprinkling in anecdotes on spirtuality, love & dating, career, fashion and finding your inner princess. It's not easy being single in the city but Omari has positive tips to help her audience believe that age is nothing but a number despite the pressures of society.

 Omari has had experience in the fashion industry working for and interviewing major designers and labels such as Stacy Bendet (creator of Alice & Olivia), Tracy Reece, Charlotte Ronson, Torn by Ronny Kobo, Diane Von Furstenberg and more. 

The young star also finds time to contribute regularly to, interviewing celebrities on red carpets throughout the Big Apple.  Chanel Omari aspires to have her own talk show one day where she can make women feel confident about who they are and what they can achieve. 

The Q&A

1) The world first got to meet you when you appeared on Bravo’s Princesses Long Island, what was that experience like?

 It was an amazing experience. I would tell everyone, if you want to get to know who you are or at least find out who you are, you should do REALITY TV. It was definitely a different experience for me because it was the first time I was on the other side of the camera. Usually I produce TV shows and this time I was on one. I had to open myself up to the world, which is scary, especially in your 20s when you don't have it all figured out yet. I had to be vulnerable about my failures and triumphs and over come obstacles that I wasn't sure how to deal with on a public forum for the world to see and judge me so it wasn't always pretty, however, it made me stronger, it helped me build strong character and helped me really be confident in who I was and own who I was and for that I will forever be grateful. 

It was tough at times because people perceived me as a spoiled princess who had no concept of work ethic or life, but in reality,I have worked since I was 14 years old from the bottom to the top. I worked very hard as building my career as a producer, writer and reporter/on air host. I went through a lot, which a lot of people don't know to even get to where I am now. I wasn't just waiting for Mr. Right to rescue me and live happy ever after. Sure, I want to find Mr. Right, who doesn't? Sure, I want to have a family but with the right man and after building my career. 

 2) Did you always want to be in entertainment or did the show really spark your interest?

I have always wanted to be in the entertainment industry ever since I was a little girl. When I was younger, my dad would take the video camera and film me and my sister do acts to the Mannequin Movie and Dirty Dancing, Michael Jackson videos and more. Every time I was going through a hard time as a kid, I would channel it in to creative writing. I would write stories and develop characters based on what was going on in my life or in the world. I would have my parents and my family act it out at the dinner table. It would help me, therapeutically, to produce and write my own stuff. I was so fascinated by movies, film and the celebrity culture growing up that I always knew I wanted to be in Entertainment, whether it be directing, producing, writing and acting in my own films or hosting and interviewing celebrities or breaking news and entertainment stories that had impact on the world was always my greatest passion. I love telling people's stories and I love to entertain. Those are really my great passions in life, and of course, giving back and being charitable to those in need.

3) It seems that you have been quite busy since starring on Princesses. You have your own blog, you are a radio host, you’re a producer and the list goes on and on. Tell us what you’ve been up to?

I have been very busy producing and hosting my own web series, called "#ChanelintheCity where I give access to my fans and the public who want to be "in the know" all fashion, lifstyle, pop culture and celebrity news. Its a comedic series where I take my fans on my journey to whatever I am doing in the big city (Any big city in the world or country) everyone wanted to follow my life after Princesses so I said why stop it now with digital technology we have. Its a more personal way for them to get to know me more and for me to get to know them on a deeper level. Being single for most of my life, with the exception of a few heart breaks, I wanted #Chanelinthecity to focus on the single girl in the know who wants those tips for how to dress for your first date, tips to attract the right guy or just living through my comedic/ disappointing dates and learning from what not to do through my experiences (laugh out loud moment) 

I also host my own radio show where I talk about new top 40 music, pop culture and celebrity news and all the new hot spots to visit when in New York City and Long Island on 106.1WBLI.

I just recently got done producing a docu-series called "The Letter" for the Freeform Network and just got done producing for T.D. Jakes Talk show for the OWN network and produced some of the commercials for the new movie, "Beaches." for the Lifetime network with Idina Menzel. I freelance a lot. I love producing shows and talent that I am passionate about and that I know will make a difference. I call it, love producing TV that matters! 

In addition to all this, I am a frequent contributor to 

4) What’s it like from being in front of the camera to behind a mic on radio or behind the scenes producing?

I love doing it all. There's a certain magic being behind a mic on the radio, where you are in the studio by yourself, no one there with you, yet you are creating content and making a live show happen for listeners around the world and nothing can really compare to that. The radio world is much different than TV producing or even being on air as a host..... you have limited time to talk and anything meaningufl you have to say, you need to say it in 15 seconds or less so there's a true skill in that that I really love. 

 What I love about radio is that you get to connect with your listeners and callers through a mic. They don't care what you look like or what you are wearing. They just care to connect with your voice. Its all about the power of the voice and the confidence in your work that touches your audiences and it truly makes me love what I do, connecting with listeners all around the world through top 40 music. I love music and always have so its a great platform for me for everyone to know who the real CHANEL OMARI is all about. I am not JUST a princess from Long Island, I am more than that. The radio platform also gives me a chance to showcase other artists and musicians talents and get to interview them and promote what they are so passionate about and I love that! 

 5) If you had to pick one, which would it be? TV Personality, Radio Host or Producer?

This is a tough question. I don't think I could pick one. My dream is to be able to master my craft and be well knows within in all forms of media whether it be a TV personality, Radio Host or Producer.... I like to think of myself as the modern day woman version of Ryan Seacrest. Hey, if he can do it, so can I! So can we all, right?! (LOL moment) If I could have it all, I would because that's the goal. As a creator and artist, its important to have all these skills, however, if I had to really choose one, I would probably stick to entertaining on the big screen because that's where my greatest passion lies. 

 6) What can we expect from you in 2017?

You can expect a lot from em in 2017. My main focus now is producing and starring in my own web series, #ChanelintheCity and catching all the hottest events and celebrity interviews I will be doing for my website on 

 You can also now catch me on @106.1BLI on Tuesday nights from midnight-500 am and this wed from 10pm-1am 

 And god willing my scripted series, which I have been producing with my creative partners, will be out on a major network come 2017/2018 

7) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 I see myself having my own variety talk show in 5 years, helping women feel confident about themseleves through lifestyle, fashion, pop culture etc. I also see myself producing and starring in my own scripted series loosely based on my life that will cover my failures and successes. 

8) Tell your fans 5 things they might now know about you.

Five things my fans might not know about me are:

1. I am obsessed with Hip Hop and R&B music besides my top 40 music.

2. I work very hard for every single dollar.

3. My favorite food is Pizza and mash potatoes

4. My nationality is half Israeli and half Colombian- most people don't know that

5.Lindsay Lohan is one of my best friends

9) What advice would you give someone who is interested in following in your career footsteps?

My advice would be to be open to every single opportunity, to not give up just because they tell you NO. My advice is to be persistent, diligent, motivated and constantly hustle because there is no formula or correct way to succeed in this business. You must be up for the challneges and overcome them gracefully. You must not burn bridges and always keep them open. Most importantly, do not take anything people say to you in this business, seriously or personal because its just business and the more you believe in yourself, the more you will make it. I have had and still have people telling me I won't make it in this business but its my drive and won't take no for an answer attitude that helps me overcome those obstacles. 

 No one will believe in you as much as you will ever believe in yourself. Take a chance on you. You're worth betting on! Trust me. Always remember you have nothing to loose! 

10) Is there anything else you would want to share with the readers?

Make sure to follow me on: 

instagram and twitter @chanelomari

My fan page on facebook @chanelomariofficial 

Snap chat @chanel.omari

Don’t forget to tune in to my show on 106.1BLI (download the free app in your app store or turn on your radios) every Tuesday night from midnight-5am and this Wednsday from 10pm-1 am to hear about all the hottest fashion shows going on during fashion week, celebrity 

Subscribe to my youtube channel: for more of #chanelinthecity

and my website:

Thank you for all of your support and for all the love #coconaitors !!! I want to thank my fans because with out them I would be nothing.

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