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Four Reasons Why You Should Use ‘Orthotics’

Life is busy and filled with to-fro moments where you have to run here and there without any notice. And you, believe it or not, your legs are the most important part of the body which need to be continuously in motion to support your day to day activities. You have some responsibilities towards your legs, to get them a set of orthotics that will relax them and make things easier for them. Or if you’re an amputee you can get the right pair of prosthetics to support yourself. If you ain’t convinced yet, let me share few things that will change your mind.

Foot pain: Foot pain is a common thing and everyone in the world suffers from this regularly. We walk, we do exercises, we run and do a lot of similar activities on a daily basis which tires our legs. Basically, we aren’t anything at all if we don’t have legs but what do we do for our legs? Orthotics is a perfect solution for all leg related problems. Orthotics are common custom made footbeds that are fitted in your regular shoes that you wear on a daily basis whenever you use your feets. These orthotics equally divide the body weight and the pressure on all parts of the body to decrease the ground reaction force. Also, these orthotics correct the postures by aligning the joints and bones while in standing position.

Fallen arch or flat feet: Fallen arch or flat foot is again a common problem with most of the adults these days. Symptoms like getting tire easily, feet pains regularly, the swollen bottom of your feet from the inside or difficulty in foot movements such as standing on toes indicate a flat foot. Now, this generally is because the foot bones are not properly aligned or non-recommended activities done in childhood. Usual reasons of flatfoot are overweight, foot injuries, aging, and the most common one are making a child walk in their early days when it’s not recommended to do so. A flat foot causes pain in feet and spreads the pain in other parts of the body. How can orthotics help? Orthotics doesn’t claim to correct a fallen arch but they are an effective tool that can help in repositioning the structures in the foot to help in improving the biomechanical functions that can reduce the chances of risk in future.

Walking for long duration: If you’re involved in a job that requires you to stay up on your feets for long durations then you need a orthotics the most. Standing for long hours make your feets will fatigue and you won’t be able to stand for long. In general, it’s advised to take small breaks and let your leg muscles relax. However, this becomes impossible sometimes and that’s why for such moments doctors strongly advise orthotics.

Suffering from diabetes: If you’re suffering from diabetes then you’re the first one who should proactively wear orthotics. Diabetes patients are at high risk of suffering from corn and clauses areas. If your feet alignment is not correct you’re prone to diabetic injuries which can be very harmful to diabetic patients.

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