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Fixed & Folding Blades

My Smith Online Studio is the UK's premium source for Damascus steel knives, tools, axes and accessories This includes: EDC and folding knives, fixed blades knives, pocket knives and pen knives from some of the best brands in the world, such as Gerber and SOG We also stock a fantastic range of axes, machetes, shovels, knife sharpeners and multi-tools from the likes of Leatherman and Lansky to name but a few. The ancient Middle Eastern metal smiths lost the Damascus steel forging technique. Historians theorize that the metal smiths lost the ability to produce Damascus swords because they used up all of the area's ore sources, which included trace amounts of vanadium or tungsten.

A major conclusion of the studies on reconstructed knives 17-18 is that the band formation in these steels results from microsegregation of low levels of carbide-forming elements, with vanadium and molybdenum being most effective. With modern steel, they intentionally introduce small proportions of other metals to interrupt the crystals that form as the metal is cooled; hunting knives this helps to improve the strength of the steel as there isn't a single sheer plane that could allow fractures through the whole item.

 As well as knives which are made to the very highest specification using a mixture of time-honoured techniques and state-of-the-art technology, we offer a vast array of knives ideally suited to constant use in busy catering environments. If you tried cutting a tomato with a serrated blade, you'd end up with a splatter of juice everywhere, but a smooth edge (if slightly dull) will slide on the tomato skin rather than cutting it. Kitchen knives The Damascus blade however, has micro serrations: the edge of a given high carbon layer where it meets the (dulled away) low carbon is a sharp corner, which nicks and opens the tomato skin. For more information, please visit our site

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