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Feng Shui for Dummies


Basically, feng shui is an ancient Chinese metaphysics art that protects people’s flow of Qi energy. Literally translated, Feng Shui means Fire and Water, which represents the balance between those totally opposite forces. Qi (chi) is an energy which maintains everything in your life, and represents the key of healthy and long life. We also have the term : QI GONG, which means nurturing your life energy. It represents the type of training based on 7000 years long tradition and understanding the connection between human’s body and the environment around it. With that being said, here are some feng shui tips for you:

Avoid cluttering your home/office or pretty much any room you spend time in

Clutter means mess, mess means disturbance, disturbance leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to permanent unhappiness. Take one day every week to tidy up your surroundings. Dust your shelves, mop your floors, take out the garbage and throw away everything unnecessary. You will feel good and fulfilled.


Fix the broken

If you want good chi to run through your home, you need to make sure everything in it works properly. Lights, strove, electronics.. Check all that stuff right now and try to fix them if they need fixing. If something can’t be fixed, throw it away to prevent creating negative chi in your space.


The pictures of water attract money and wealth into your house so make sure you have some waterfall (or water of any kind) pictures hanging from your walls. But be careful though, you must choose the kind of pictures where the water is flowing inwards to your house, because if it flows outwards,that could mean losing money.



Trees are connected with life force and health. If you love potted plants , the ideal place for them is in corners of the room, to soften them up. If you want to, you can of course keep your plants practically anywhere in your house since they transmit only positive energy and it is always nice to see a pretty plant somewhere.


Feng shui experts from Power of Invisible say that this a very important part of the overall energy balance. Although the mirrors are treated like some kind of portals to a mirrored parallel world, you need to be extra careful where you are placing them. For example, if you want to avoid having nightmares while sleeping (and I’m sure that you do), avoid putting a mirror above your bed. In the bathroom, you certainly don’t want to look at yourself while you sit on the toilet, right? So avoid putting it where it reflects your toilet. Here are some tips where to put your mirrors:

1) A full-length mirror inside your closet doors in your bedroom

2) As for the bathroom, if you can’t avoid not having a mirror in it, a small one above your sink should be enough. If you don’t think you need a mirror in your bathroom, put one on the outside of your bathroom door to push the energy away from entering the bathroom and „going down the drain“.

3) In living and dining rooms put them somewhere they will reflect the food on the table since it symbolises wealth, but just make sure that the mirror doesn’t reflect any door or window.

4) Dark corners of your house


The lights

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1 comment

  • Estelle Juarez
    11mo ago

    This is so interesting! I'm redecorating my place soon, so I'll keep this in mind.

    This is so interesting! I'm redecorating my place soon, so I'll keep this in mind.

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