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Pinngle Works in Blocked Countries

In the past few years, messaging apps have gained immense popularity due to various reasons. They are users friendly, hot among the teenagers, provides a simple and free way to communicate over short and long distances alike and you can send even video and voice messages free of cost. The new features of these apps also allow you to have video chat with your friends and family no matter where they are located.

The popularity of different apps varies from country to country and you can find reasons of why some apps are more used than the others. Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the majority of the countries. Similarly, other apps like IMO and facebook messenger have also gained popularity.

In the recent years, many messaging apps have been banned in the Middle East and some other countries due to the various reasons. These countries do not allow voice and video calling or sharing of video messages through these apps which has made it difficult for the residents of these countries to communicate easily and free of cost with their loved ones.

Pinngle: an App with a Difference

Pinngle is a relatively new messaging app that is giving tough competition to other messaging apps. Its unique features made it distinct from other similar kinds of messaging apps. It allows you to send free messages and audio calls anywhere in the world even in the restricted countries. It means that by installing this messenger you can stay in touch with your loved ones who reside in restricted countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc. It gives you a seamless experience of HD quality video calls with 720p resolution even with 2G connections. You can share your photos, videos, voice messages and have fun with your family and friends. It allows convenient location sharing so that your friends easily reach you wherever you are.

The pinngle messaging app has very low battery usage as compared to other messaging apps which allows your battery to operate 1.5 times longer. Other apps while running in the background consumes lots of battery which is not the case with pinngle. The facility of end-to-end encryption keeps your messages safe and protected. It means that only you can access your conversation.

This exclusive messaging app is good news for the restricted countries where other messaging apps do not work for voice and video calling. Downloading Pinngle at Android or iPhone/iPad will allow you to make super cheap calls to blocked as well as other countries and enjoy communication with your friends and family.

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