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over 1 year Story
Energy Efficient Ideas for Your Office

When running a small business even the smallest amount of saved energy can be important. Lighting, heating, air-conditioning – all of these increase your utility bills. Not only this, but they pose a threat to our environment. Anything what you can do in order to aid helping to preserve the nature does matter. Gandhi said : "Be a change you want to see in the world". So, if you think we should be more careful with the nature around us, it is time to start acting. That is why you should always look for ways to make your office more energy efficient. And here are some ideas you might find helpful


Invest in New Equipment

You should think about replacing any old equipment you have in your office. Older generations of technology tend to use much more energy than the new ones. Just take a look at fridges where old ones can use up 300$ worth of energy per year. On the other hand, the newest generation of fridges uses only 75$ per year. But there is no need for a big fridge in the office, so what you can do is switch to the mini-fridge that uses 10$ worth of energy per year. There are many other pieces of equipment you can find in the office that can be replaced with newer models. For example PCs, computer screens, printing machines etc.

Consider your Lighting Options

Incandescent light bulbs use by far more energy than some other lighting options. CFL and LED are the most popular and most energy-efficient ways of lighting of today. A study has shown that if every household in U.S. replaced just one of their incandescent light bulbs with one of these, it would have the same impact on the environment as if we would remove 1 million cars from the streets. Just think about how much you would contribute if you would replace all of your current bulbs with CFL or LED. This will also save you some money, since these tend to last quite longer than incandescent bulbs.


Just like with lighting you can also consider changing the ways you heat your office. The first step you can take is making sure that the office is properly insulated. If it is, it will require less heating to make the place warm. Look for the gaps between the windows and walls and fill them up if you find them. These make cold air leak in and make the place colder. You can also completely change the way you are heating, there are some fossil fuels which are more eco-friendly and cost even less. Installing double-glazing can be a good way to make the place warmer as well as light up the place even more.

Using Less Energy

So by making your place less reliant on energy you will be saving yourself some money as well as do good for the nature around us. There are many things you can do in your office in order to do this. You can consider using power strips which you can turn off when not using the machines that are plugged in. This will prevent them from using the “phantom loads” of energy like they do when plugged in directly to the power. You can also think about using different type of printing cartridges. Toner cartridges are a much better choice than laser ones since they require less energy and cost less. Things like this will reduce the amount of energy you spend and thus save you some money.

Be sure to try doing all of this and you will end up with more money in your wallet while doing as much as you can for our environment. Anything you do aids in the fight against the pollution of our planet.

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