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Do You Have Seasonal Or Indoor Allergies?

While most people don’t want to see winter coming back, I’m one that is glad to see the welcome relief. We’ve had a very mild winter where I live and my allergies have been terrible. I wanted to share my own experience fighting allergies and the only relief I’ve found over the past 21 years.

Now, I wasn’t born with allergies. I didn’t start having issues until I was 11 years old. That was more than 2 decades and I’ve been struggling with them ever since.

Everything that a person can try over-the-counter, I’ve tried. I won’t say I never had relief. I was never comfortable though. Keep in mind, my allergies were specific to seasonal and indoor.

I remember getting hundreds of shots due to my allergies. I was terrified at first, but as I aged, it became more familiar. School was always tough. Life was tough back then. When new medications came out, I tried them, but they just didn’t work.

After 21 years of dealing with allergies, I found relief in a medication called Nasonex nasal spray. You can imagine my relief after 21 years of struggling with allergies. Our bodies are different, what may work great for another might not work for someone else. However, I did want to share my story and experience because it changed my life in a big way.

I’ve been using Nasonex for a few years now and life is great. If any of you struggle with allergies, I would consider talking to a doctor. You want to talk to your doctor, especially if you’ve been trying the over-the-counter medications without any luck.

I always wanted to get complete relief for my allergies. Sure, I still have moments, especially with the seasonal allergies. If my story can help just one person, it’s worth sharing.

 For my fellow men and women that struggle with allergies, don’t give up on living a normal life.

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