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over 1 year Story
Do Anti-aging Products Work?

Women have never before been as judged based on their appearance as they are today. Our consumeristic society keeps forcing them to spend ever more money on the latest discovery of the beauty industry, which will help them stay young forever. And while millions are spent on advertising each second, and while billions more are spent purchasing the latest face creams, the question that needs to be asked remains - can beauty products help you ward off the years, or will the signs of age inevitably show, no matter what amount of money you leave at the drugstore?

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Collagen - the secret ingredient

Many beauty products promoted as having an “anti-aging” effect contain collagen, and this protein is also naturally produced by our skin. However, over time, production slows down, and the skin begins to sag and more wrinkles and fine lines start to appear. Using products which will bring collagen levels back to what they once were can definitely help postpone some of the signs of aging, but this is not a permanent effect.
Using hydrating products alongside collagen can also help amplify its effects.

Hyaluronic acid - the new key to beauty

Hyaluronic acid is, among its many uses, also used as a lip filler. The acid promotes the lubrication of joints and helps wounds heal, and can thus do a lot for your skin. However, it is still disputed if it can actually help you achieve a more youthful appearance. Most new-age beauty products contain hyaluronic acid, and while it will help your skin look more radiant, it may not stop the clock. Yet, healthy skin is half the battle won - if you provide it with healthy nutrients, you will certainly help it produce more material to keep it looking young.

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What can my moisturizer do?

If all you use on your face on a daily basis is a regular moisturizer, you will not achieve the results you may be craving in the anti-aging department. However, as we have already said, knowing your skin type and using products which suit it the most will help you keep your skin looking healthy, and in turn - you will also look better. Make sure you don’t choose mattifying products if your skin tends to dry out, or oil-based products if you tend to get some shine during the day. While a certain kind of appearance might be all the rage at the moment, you cannot rely on trends alone to take care of your body.

Know how to choose

Marketing in the beauty industry is nothing if not fierce - so try not to fall under the spell of every single commercial. If one product from a certain brand suits you well, you can always try another, but if something clearly doesn’t fit, you might want to stay away in the future. If a moisturizer has done wonders for your friend, don’t expect it to do the same for you. Learn to find trusted reviews online, on sites such as Highya, where you can get informed about what other women before you have experienced with that latest product. 

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Looking perfect all the time can take a great toll on your levels of happiness and self esteem. Remember that you do not want to look like every other girl out there. You are your own self, and looking like yourself is key. Also, don’t just put anything on your face - only buy products made by reputable brands, and don’t believe everything the ad says. Beware of cheap knockoffs, especially if they seem too good to be true - they most often are, and the damage you cause by using one untested product can be irreparable. While you may not ever be able to take years off your face, using quality products, eating right and exercising will help your body stay younger, and that includes your skin.

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