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7mo Delhi Story
Creatine Supplements for a Healthy Body Building

Ignore the medical terminologies, which defines the Creatine Supplements required by the body. We all will agree that these medical jargons leave us with a boggling mind.

Nevertheless, in simple words, a Creatine supplement is an aid to your stamina. It significantly enhances the body’s strength, power and energy. Creatine supplement is the white powder which is tasteless and odourless and it looks like sugar.

A major part of the Creatine in the body is stored in the skeletal muscles. The high level of energy produced by Creatine supplement keep you fresh, confident and energetic. Overall, it enhances your physical work performance.



Use of Creatine Supplement

It not only helps you in building your muscles, it works as a saviour for your weak health either. Moreover, the common problems like Arthritis, Depression, Congestive Heart Failure et cetera are treated using the Creatine supplement. Not only this, a Creatine supplement also sharpens your memory.  

Creatine supplementation can really be beneficial for your body. But. But. But. We always need to keep it in mind that even excess of vitamins are bad for health. And therefore, taking the Creatine supplementation in right dose and at disciplined interval of time is paramount. 


Creatine Production in the Body

However, our body produces Creatine naturally but sometimes when the body needs excessive energy, there are some foods like fish and meat that add to the Creatine level in the body. And yes, one can always choose to have Creatine supplements to enhance the body muscles and the health respectively.


Historical Aspect of Creatine Supplement

The researchers recognized the immense potential of Creatine supplementation, which produces surplus enrgy in the body, somewhere in the mid of the nineteenth century. But it was only after the year 1993 that the Creatine supplement was commercially available in the market. 

It is to be noted that clamorous reporting of the Creatine supplementation was done in the 1992 Olympic games. And since then, it has become a key body supplements for the athletes and the players. Indeed, it is not considered as doping. The reputed and well recognized institutions like International Olympic Committee also have allowed the use of Creatine supplements by the athletes and the players.  


How and When to use the Creatine Supplement?

  • It is recommended to take 0.3 grams/kg of the body weight, for four times a day in the beginning.

  • It is ideal to take the Creatine supplement an hour before the workout and than again after the workout.

  • After a good amount of Creatine is stored in the skeletal muscles of the body, it is recommended to take 5 grams to 10 grams of Creatine daily to maintain the level.

  • Although, grape juice is said to be the best companion of a Creative supplement, one can take it with meals with rich Carbohydrates and also with baked Potato.

In the end

  • It is recommended that when you visit a doctor for a diagnosis, inform the doctor of your Creatine supplement usage.

  • Moreover, a Diabetic person and one who has some problems with his Kidney are suggested to strictly avoid the usage of the Creatine supplement.


    Last but most important. It is important to recognize the original Creatine supplement. It will carry“CreapureTM” on the label.

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