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Community Attitude Surveys: How Can It Be Beneficial?

Community attitude survey, I have been pondering on thoughts of this term lately. Thinking about the possible scenarios which could have existed if this process wasn’t in use. And, if it is right to use a community attitude survey to get the extra benefit in the trial, fair or unfair doesn’t matter but is it legitimate?

One more important question is, why is there a need to conduct a community attitude survey? The answer is quite clear, if someone knows what it takes to be a jury member and what are the responsibilities of a jury, they won't be asking this question. If this ‘someone’ acting as a jury in any trial abides by rule without letting his/her own personal emotions, thoughts, and personality influence their judgment, the need to conduct a community attitude might not have occurred. When you're acting as a jury, the law is trusting you to make an unbiased decision based on facts and figures rather than letting your own understanding of things and personal sentiments influence the judgment and be unfair with the person facing the trial. Thus, even if using a jury consultant is unfair, it seems fair in contrary to the preceding argument.

Where, when or how this community attitude surveys works and used?

Choosing your trial venue: Trial venue, more often than not, has an unfair advantage for the convict or the person facing the trial. It's better to know the sentiments of people towards you and your case before you face the trial. You'll have choices to select your venues in certain scenarios and you're supposed to make the wise decision. Conducting a community attitude survey will tell you the what the final verdict is going to be, based entirely on the feedback of people.

Jury selection strategy formation: One of the major use of community attitude survey which is a very common practice is, using the result to plan an effective jury selection strategy. The result of these surveys helps you understand the opinion of the community towards your case or you, the convict. And it's not to be forgotten that the jurors of a trial are the people living in these communities.

Gauging the community effect: Community has a major role to play in every major litigation. So, to know or to gauge the influence of the local or regional attitudes in a litigation, a community attitude survey might prove to be a great tool.

Bottom line: The jury consultants have started providing more and more services and their presence in a trial is influencing the results on a higher magnitude than before. They are providing more number of services, starting from the start, till the end of a trial. Now, conducting a community attitude survey is a part of their job, and they know the benefits of it.

A community attitude survey will come handy in multiple circumstances, from developing the case themes to the analysis of the effect of media and pre-trial publicity.

However, it’s advised, in the best of your interest to consult your attorney and your jury consultant about this. 

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