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Colourful Japanese dishes to try out

When people talk about Japanese food, the first thing that comes to mind is sushi. This is such a cliché, for Japan has so much more to offer. Japanese food has reached worldwide fame recently and the demand for it is increasing every day. Here are some of the most colourful Japanese dishes to try out at your local Japanese restaurant.


Just like sushi, Tempura is one of the symbolic traditional dishes in Japan. The mixture of vegetables and seafood is dipped in flour and egg batter, and then fried in oil. This is one dish you won’t forget. Ask for it to be served hot and as soon as it’s ready to enjoy its full taste.


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This dish has gained so much popularity lately. It’s close to overtaking sushi as the first mentioned dish associated with Japan. It started as a noodle soup with chicken bones, but soon it evolved into many different shapes. Now there is pork, beef and seafood. Ramen can have a diverse array of flavours thanks to different combinations of sauces (soya sauce, salt, miso flavours). Some Japanese restaurants serve the noodles and the soup together. This is called Tsukemen and it has the same taste as ramen. To get an authentic taste of ramen, go to the best Japanese restaurant in Melbourne CBD, Little Red Pocket.


This dish is specific for its sweet taste. Namely, Udon is made with a combination of soya cause and sugar. Noodles made from kneaded wheat flour are dipped in the sauce and served with leeks onions. If you happen to pass by a Japanese restaurant during a cold winter day, make sure you go in for a warm meal. Nothing warms your belly as well as the Udon stew.


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The pan-friend dumplings have been evolving throughout Japan’s history. They have constantly changed shapes. Today, Gyoza is served with pork, shredded cabbage and tons or garlic. In some Japanese restaurants, you can find Gyoza filled with sausage and deep fried. Japanese people also eat them covered with curry. The only way to know your favourite is to try them all.


The “octopus balls” is a special snack made all over Japan. It is so popular that every Japanese restaurant has it as the main snack. It is a chunk of octopus covered in wheat flour and pickled ginger and onions, and fried to perfection. Some Japanese love to add dried shrimp in the combination. Takoyaki is usually covered with mayonnaise and other spices before served on a toothpick. Once you try it, you will forget about other snacks.


The most colourful Japanese dish to date is none other than Chirashi. The word itself means “scattered” in Japanese. The dish is a bowl filled with raw fish and sushi rice, vinegared entirely. Fish contained in the meal are tuna, salmon, shrimp, and a few others. The meal itself is very colourful. Feel free to try it out next time you go out for a sushi.

There are plenty of other Japanese meals that you should try. Most notable are Sukiyaki, Tonkatsu and Japanese Curry, each great in its own way. You have to try them all and decide which one you like the most. The best place to try them out is your local Japanese restaurant.

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