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Choosing the right type of implant: Teardrop Vs. round breast implant.

Due to different hormones in the body, some may find that their body parts become unattractive which can result in low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Undergoing breast surgery may be a goal for some women to rectify this issue. However, over the year general aging and weight fluctuations may affect breast implants, especially post pregnancy, your breasts will often begin to sag.

Undergoing breast implant surgery is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a woman. There are two types of breast implants shaped to choose from i.e. teardrop and the round shaped breast implants. Choosing the right type of breast implant will greatly determine the results that you will have. Each of these implant shapes have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is very important that you consult your surgeon on the best type that will take into account your body type, and whether each of these types will have an effect on your body.

Teardrop breast implants.

Just like the name suggests, they are shaped like an actual teardrop. They are usually thicker at the bottom and thinner toward the top. They consist of silicone gel and they are very safe as they have been in use for so many years. With their wide variety of shapes to choose from, they can fit any woman no matter the shape they have. As much as this type of implant creates a natural looking breast implant, it requires to be conducted by a skilled Plastic Surgeon ONLY, not a cosmetic surgeon, in order to ensure that they are inserted correctly. This type of implant has a some advantages that makes them stand out including:

  1. If the surgery is conducted by a skilled surgeon, the match the shape of the natural breast  makes it difficult to detect if they are implants.
  2. Due to their shape, they give more fullness to the bottom of the breast.
  3. There is a great reduction in the possibility of wrinkles forming around the breast because of the fact that the silicone used maintains the stiffness of the breasts.
  4. When you choose this type of implant, the risk posed for developing capsular contracture around the implant is drastically reduced.
  5. This implant creates a more natural look with more cleavage and side boob.

Round shaped breast implants.

As much as teardrop shaped implants are widely used, the round shape implants are the most common amongst many women. This is perhaps due to the fact that they can create soft, round and perfectly proportional breasts. These round implants offer a wide range of diameter as well as degree of projection they are able to provide excellent flexibility according to any woman’s shape and body type. Use of round implants makes the breasts  always look fuller at the top of the chest than the teardrop implant. One of the major factors that makes them to stand out is the fact that, as their name suggests, they are round and create a fuller look.

The round shaped breast implants offer several advantages to women. Some of these advantages are:

  • They boost a lady’s confidence due to the fact that they make the breasts appear fuller
  • Due to its shape, a lady would not be worried if they rotate as this would go unnoticed.
  • In terms of costs, they are far much cheaper than the tear drop implants.

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