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Shantel Risher
Shantel Risher Mogul Influencer
5d New York, NY, United States Story
Building a Path Towards Your Goals

I gave myself six months to find a job in Digital Media or Television, and as I expected it was going to be a tough road ahead. I knew that employers weren't too keen on hiring a recent post-graduate and they would simply say, " don't have enough experience".

It was hard to accept however I knew that I had to work towards gaining more experience so, an internship was definitely in mind.

When I received a call back for an internship opportunity at Fleishman-Hillard I was so excited! The requirement was that the candidate should know Adobe Premiere and After Effects software. There was a huge project in the works, and interns were needed to assist.  I didn't want to give this up, however I needed to self reflect on what I knew. Did I really know the ins and outs of the program; I've used it before but, could I say that I was confident enough to move forward with this opportunity and just, wing-it.

I never received a follow-up interview and needless to say, my interview wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be. This was due to the fact that I was so nervous to tell what I didn't know, and it showed all over my face. 

After that I figured that I needed more experience and I didn't go back to school for it either. I decided to take a class at BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn. The company offers inexpensive media and tech courses to people over 18, as long as your a Brooklyn resident. 

I signed up for Video Editing w/ Adobe Premiere which was $60, and it was for three days, every Saturday for six hours (with a one hour break included). 

It was a great course and turned out I learned much more about the program, I even added the professor on LinkedIn because I needed someone to vouch for my experience, and he was great at teaching.

Now I am certified in Adobe Premiere, and with it on my resume I'm able to start leading my experience confidently into the work force.

I have to "build a path" because there isn't one in front of me, if there was I would know where to go and I don't. I have to build it one yellow brick at a time and pretty soon my goal will be on the horizon. 

Here's how I've been building my path to success:

  1. Realizing what I don't know: I accept that I might not be aware of software of information about a company, therefore I research and soak up as much as I need to get into the interview stage.
  2. Keep up w/ current events: limiting TV wasn't hard, I knew that every morning and throughout the day I had to be reading a newspaper or an article online. The business of media requires that staying with current events, makes you two steps ahead.
  3. Three years back and looking ahead: To keep up with where a company has been and where it is going I need to research the events of three years ago and if they're being innovative towards the future. 
  4. Reaching out/networking: I can't say this enough! Reaching out to people you've connected with can be extremely beneficial. I recently reached out to someone I connected with at an event, and immediately received a call from the talent coordinator about an internship position the were looking to fill ASAP. 

One brick at a time and the path is clear!

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Shantel Risher
Mogul Influencer

My name is Shantel a fierce Leo with the ability to write into the break of dawn. I love reading and watching films, and also am very skillful when it comes to video production and writing. I'm a mogul because I try to inspire and encourage others, while still trying to achieve my dreams and [...]

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