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Booking Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Booking a wedding venue for your big day is always the number one responsibility on the planning list. The venue should meet numerous criteria, so finding an excellent and appropriate space sometimes requires a lot of time and effort, because there are numerous factors that affect the final decision. Check out what are the things you should have in mind before booking the right venue.

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The Budget

The wedding is the most expensive event you’ll ever host, so you’ll need the money for every little thing. Booking the venue will definitely not be cheap, so you should consider the amount of money you want to spend. Additionally, have in mind all the other things you need to pay for, like the wedding gown, the flowers, the invitations, and you’ll know exactly if you can afford the venue you had laid your eyes on. It’s a good idea to maybe shift the wedding day from Saturday to Friday and save the money, since Saturdays are the most expensive of all days.

Consider the Services

Before booking a venue make sure you know what services will the staff provide you with. The venues that have kitchens will only ask for a down payment and charge you for the food for each guest. Other venues that lack kitchens can offer you the caterers that they cooperate with. This way you won’t have to waste time looking for the catering service. Additionally, some venues will only have the ability to provide you with the space, but not the tables, chairs and linens. Therefore, make sure you ask if you should bring your own set of seatings or not.

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Style of the Wedding

Knowing exactly what the style of your wedding will be is going to help you a lot with the search for the perfect venue. The spectacular Conca D'Oro venue is the perfect place for a romantic and elegant wedding. If you’re more of a rustic wedding fan, than go for a shabby chic barn. An urban loft is on the other hand the best place for a medium modern minimalistic wedding.

Think About the Location

Finding a wedding venue at a convenient location is paramount. However, not everyone will find convenient the same place you would. Nevertheless, you should at least try to find the place that’s easily accessible. Additionally, if you’ve decided to have the wedding in a different city, or country you should make sure that all the guests you plan to invite could actually get there. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a local venue, have in mind the time needed for the guests to get there, and go back home. If it takes more than an hour, be sure to provide them with information about close accommodations. This way they can stay the night and go home the next day.

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The Number of Guests

Not all the venues have the same capacity. While some can host 250 guests, others can be the perfect place for the wedding of 500. Therefore, make sure you know roughly the number of guests that will be attending the wedding. This will guarantee you don’t end up with overcrowded space and the lack of food and beverages.


Finding the perfect and convenient venue for your big day is one of the essential parts of wedding planning, so it must be done with an utmost care and dedication. Be sure to consider all of the things previously mentioned, so that you could have the dream wedding you’ve always imagined. Think about the budget, the service at the venue, the guest list, the location, and the style of the wedding so that you can choose the perfect wedding venue.

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