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Indy Travelling is a new form of living.
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Beginner's Guide to Cleaning a Dry Herbs Vaporiser

Even when you purchased a high quality vaporiser, the experience can be downgraded if you're not cleaning it thoroughly. Any residue may impact its functioning, as well as the vapor taste. Most guides refer to such residue as resin. Not only that it's bad for the device, it also can harm your health if you inhale it repeatedly. Keep your unit nice and clean – use the tips below to do an honourable job:

1. Identify the chamber

The inner chamber of your vaporiser may have its intricacies. Identify this part and become familiar with it, it's what you'll have to clean with regularity. The chamber is the piece where you put the herbs to be vaporised. You must also pay attention to connecting parts, here the vapors travel.

2. Disassembling the parts

You will be required to do some disassembling work. Unscrew the parts and use a special wipe on them. It's important to clean them all, but, of course, your focus needs to be on the chamber. You may purchase adequate cleaning kits, accessories and wipes from Vapesonline Australia. Adapt your cleaning method based on the material and the use of the part. For example, the parts you tend to touch frequently, like exterior buttons, will have many more germs and you need to be careful about that.

3. Useful accessories

To do a good job, you need a set of specific accessories. A pipe cleaner will get into all the small bits and clean them effectively. They're usually employed to remove any resin that's left inside, stuck to different small nooks. Thus, you can make sure there's no resin left in there to sabotage your experience. Cleaning sticks, like Q-tips, but with a liquid reservoir are also ideal for vaporisers. If you have the chance, purchase some. Alcohol cleaning solutions work best with these, but be careful! never use them on parts that can be sensitive to such. The product's manual will tell you all about the materials and the solutions you may use with them.

4. How to clean other parts

If your vaporiser has a ceramic chamber heated by a coil, you should not apply any cleaner directly onto the coil. When convection baskets are involved, disconnect these and place them in cleaning solution. The resin will be eventually dissolved or come off and then all you have to do is to rinse well. When cleaning the battery, avoid applying any liquid – even water. If it's disinfectant, however, you are free to use a very tiny amount on a cloth or wipe. Reside in concentrate chambers should be removed with Q-tips but without alcohol. On oil tanks, only use dry sticks. In a situation when you can easily remove it and there isn't much grime, you can dip it in water and give it a good rinse. How do you clean the mouthpiece though? Since it's the most likely part to draw germs, you can safely boil it as long as it's made of resistant rubber. Or, you may use alcohol for cleaning when it is made of glass/metal.

Remember that any cleaning process must begin with your vaporiser's own manual or guide. In there you will find the recommendations for each part and know what solutions to avoid.

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Travelling is a new form of living.

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