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A Lady doesn’t need any Men’s help for staring her new life

Most of the time women thought to be inferior to men but that’s not true there are many things in which women are also doing well. It not all about that “women’s things” but now women are also stepping up firmly on many stages where they thought by poor thinkers that they are not meant to be.

Oh! God have some mercy on those dirty minds in this whole world. This not about the comparison or about lecturing that woman and man are equally and all that things instead we are here to guide and to giving tips for a girl, lady or a woman who are going to plan some shifting stuff for their house or office.

If you are an alone woman stays alone don’t have family or your family might stays around somewhere else then you don’t have to worry. Be a strong lady and do it yourself. Start making your new house or office plans own, you don’t need any man’s help.

So, here are tips for you all the girls here by Packers5th to make shifting and starting your new life own.

Tips for Packing-

  • So ladies get started! First you need to sort and simplify you each room in the house. But don’t start all in one time give yourself much time before shifting to do all the things perfectly.
  • First, starting sorting the room which you use less, then proceed to next and then next. Remember to pack your kitchen in last because you must be needed food till the last hour you leave your old house.
  • If you stay alone so maybe you have lessen rooms and items to pack. So after sorting the things out rush to the market and get some high quality packing tapes, medium and big size boxes, air cushions, packing papers (optional), bubble wrapper, zip pouches, soft cardboards and a nice tasty pizza and your choice of drink (this is for if you feel hungry in between packing)
  • Place all the medium boxes on one place and all the big ones at one place. For starting your packing you have to choose a big room where you can place a table to do packing and which is close to each room. For this you can choose your living area or whatever room you want to.
  • Now pack your all books and small lamps in medium size of box and that is why because for packing small and heavy things medium sized box will be great and if some space still left in the box then cover it with old news papers, paper shreds. But before putting any thing in any box make sure that you have secured each box with tapping the bottom.
  • Remember whenever you place your luxury wall clock, art works and painting in the packing box cover them with bubble wrapper and then with soft cardboard instead placing your precious items bare in the box.
  • Always place your china and glass crockery in vertical position and secure each by placing cardboard in between them. And rest of the space you can cover with paper shreds and side and top with air bags.
  • Ladies love their clothes very much so the ideal option for packing and moving your clothes without ruining their iron is that to pack them in a zip pouch and then keep all your zip pouches in the medium sized box.

Tips for Moving items-

Moving those big heavy boxes might be challenging but if you do weight lifting then it will just become nice game for you and if you not (many women don’t) you can call your any body builder lady friend to help you or you can do a quick DIY solution for moving them to your car.

  • If you have any moveable table with four wheels in bottom then do not pack that table it can be your moving dolly which professional packers use to move heavy goods.
  • Place your medium and less weight maximum 2 boxes on it and tie them with a strong rope and there you go. Now you can move your boxes easily and can place them in your car or mini truck you hire.
  • Or you can use your wheeled chair. But in this only one box you can able to load over it and the chair might weight heavy.
  • You can use your skate boards under the box bottom and tie them then you can easily pull them like a trolley bag. If you don’t have skates then buy a pair of it and after shifting you can use them for introducing a new hobby in you.

So ladies this is it for today. Cheers to your new place and journey go safely and go with very much fun. just you suggest to do it by yourself or you may hire any packers and movers Gurgaon to relocate.

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    Hello! Would you be able to post this message as a product instead of a story at We have currently placed this post in private mode and it is not visible to the public. We are happy to promote the content as a product, however. Thank you!

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