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A Job Teaching English in China

Although in this very competitive country - China, people do everything it takes to break through in business, we are very strongly against malpractices like bribery, dishonesty, discrimination, etc. There are some horrible teachers also, particularly in the private schools, but for the University, they will not consider you without a Masters, many years Teaching Experience at the University level and from one of the native-English speaking countries.

At Teaching Experience we work closely with recruitment agencies and schools to create a database of jobs for our TEFL graduates in our TEFL Jobs Centre We asked some employers what they look for in a candidate and they told us that passion and enthusiasm for teaching is often more important than previous teaching experience.

If the majority of kids parents or students were happy with a black teacher as much as a white then competition for teaching positions would Teach English in China go up which would mean teachers would have to up their game to stay in the game, and ultimately the student would then get a better service.

When selecting NET, schools will not normally consider learning centre experience due to the differences in class size, continuity of English teachers in China student group, level of classroom management skills and sophistication in teaching pedagogy required between schools and centres.

Be patient and selective in your job search - There is a shortage of qualified native-speaking English teachers in China and especially for those of you who are native English speakers with a college degree and a TEFL certification, the first job offer will not be the only job offer that comes your way. For more information, please visit our site

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