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9 Tips For Planning The Wedding With An Extraordinary Limousine Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants their wedding to be nothing less than perfection. An amazing dinner, heartwarming toasts and romantic dances add up to a day that will never be forgotten. The only way to make the day even more magical is with a limousine. There is just something undeniably romantic about a limousine and no better time to enjoy the ride than on your wedding day.

Limousine Arrangements

Make sure you make the arrangements to book your limousine about six to nine months before your wedding. This will ensure you get the exact limousine you desire and the time table for everyone in your party who will be using the vehicle is set in plenty of time.

Types Of Limousines

Seriously consider all of the different types of limousines available. A white limousine is glamorous and rather sweet but there are other options. The limousine should express your taste and style. A sleek black Rolls-Royce is a class on wheels. Consider all of the makes, models, and colors available before you make your final decision.

Bridal Party Transportation

Not all weddings provide transportation for the groomsmen and bridesmaids but doing so is a nice touch. The limousine ride will make them feel special and appreciated. Give you bridal party a day to remember and talk about for years to come. Give them a dream ride in a limousine.

Guest Transportation

Sometimes your guests are coming in from out of town to celebrate your special day. Send a limousine to their hotel to bring them to and from the affair. Not only will they be delighted by the gesture but it will prevent them from getting lost or overly stressed. Your guests are important to you or they would not have been invited. Show them they how important they really are.

Reserving Your Limousine

Take the time to reserve your limousine in person. You can research different companies and even speak with them on the phone but you should be there in person when the actual reservation is made. This will ensure you are getting the limousine you really want instead of some pale imitation. Nobody wants a nasty surprise on their wedding day.


Traffic can back up and cause long delays. Add extra time for your limousine ride. Allow for traffic and people getting in and out of the car. Check ahead of time to be certain your route is not going to be blocked off for a parade or a festival. You do not want to risk being late to your own wedding.

Wait Time

Understand that you will be paying for what is called wait time. Most limousine rental companies charge hourly rates. The best course of action is to book your limousine for the entire day. This will put a stop to any stress regarding getting to and from where you need to be throughout the day. You can be assured the car will be there whenever it is needed. Also, remember to give a tip to your driver. They work hard for you and appreciate the gesture.


This is your special day and the memories should be glorious. When you relive your wedding day do so with the picture of that perfect limousine in your mind.

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