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7 Top Fresh Snack Foods to Fuel Your Mind and Body

Regardless of the time of the day, eating fresh, organic snacks leads to a better health. The sad truth is that most people are accustomed to picking foods that are high in fat and sodium. Anything that comes in a package seems to be a more attractive choice. One reason to justify this poor food selection is that mass-produced foods have longer shelf lives, are more accessible and convenient.

However, eating fresh has tremendous benefits. Organic foods contain more nutrients, control our blood sugar levels, and cost less in the long run. Just imagine the high costs of hospitalization due to obesity and diabetes.

Fresh produce shouldn’t only be eaten during regular mealtimes, it should also be a huge element of healthy snacking. Instead of choosing burgers, fries, and chips at work, consider these top nutrient-dense alternatives to fuel your mind and body.

1. Oranges

Oranges are a great energy booster that prevent you from having blood sugar spikes that lead to sluggishness at work. Having a glycemic index of only 40, a single orange can already provide you with 51.1 mg of vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant fights the common cold and offers protection from cardiovascular diseases. Cut an orange into crescents and add them to your vegetable salad or eat them immediately.

2. Carrots

Looking for ideas for a healthy snacks on the go ? Carrots are cheap, contain zero fat and cholesterol and are easy to prepare. Health enthusiasts who want to stay fit know that a single cup of chopped carrot contains only 62 calories. Another reason to snack on carrots is to prevent digestive problems since they contain vitamins and enzymes that support the lining of our digestive tract. You can simply munch on a carrot stick if you like or juice it to make a refreshing drink.

3. Grapes

Grapes are miraculous snacks that contain reservatrol, a natural compound that promotes longevity. Reservatrol boosts blood flow to the brain to prevent memory decline and increase mental responses. Not only that, grapes also help fight stress and anxiety. Whether you’re a manager at work or a team member, introduce grapes as snacks to increase productivity. Place clusters of grapes in a resealable bag and freeze them for a tastier snack. Why not make a smoothie? You can incorporate yogurt and bananas for more nutritional benefits.

4. Avocados

Don’t take avocados for granted. These natural butter fruits are so versatile that you can eat them directly with a spoon or add them to your sandwiches or salads. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat which lowers your cholesterol. They are also known to keep you happy by helping your body release serotonin, your feel-good neurochemical. When you have positive emotions, you’re able to give your best performance no matter what you do.

5. Watermelons

Whether it’s summer or not, everybody needs a hydrating and antioxidant-rich snack like watermelon. Instead of loading up on caffeine at the office, choose watermelons instead. They help your body eliminate excess fluids and toxins through your urine. Though you’ll find yourself making frequent bathroom trips following a watermelon snack, you don’t have to worry because it won’t strain your kidneys unlike alcohol and coffee. Watermelons also contain vitamin B6 to support brain and nerve health.

6. Peaches

An excellent source of dietary fiber and minerals like potassium and zinc, peaches are the best snack foods you need to bring to the office. The benefits of peaches for you mind and body include an improved drive and focus, relief from stress, and a stronger immune system. Whether eaten raw or cooked, it doesn’t matter. Peaches taste incredibly good! To make a smoothie out of peaches, blend them together with orange juice and soy milk.

7. Cucumber

You need to snack on cucumber to lower your body’s inflammatory response. Inflammation is connected to several health problems that affect your work performance such as headaches, allergies, heart disease, and stress. Here’s an interesting fact you’ll love about cucumbers: They help freshen your breath! A delicious way to eat cucumber is to add it to your chicken salad.

Do you love these natural snack ideas? These are only a few of the many preservative-free treats you can munch on in between meals. If there’s anything you need to change to positively impact your well-being at work, that’s your snack choices.

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