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7 Relationship Stages

A loving relationship between men and women is the way that they pass together. Whether it is long or short, interesting or trivial depends on the two of them. And, it can be said that any relationship is a process and it has its own stages.

Family psychologists believe that many problems between spouses arise because of the reason that a man and a woman have missed or have not passed some of the seven stages of their relationships before getting married. Thanks to our friends from for this crucial information!

1st stage – mutual attraction

This stage can be called the foundation of people’s relationships. It is the first and most important stage, as people want to be together and begin to build their relationships due to the mutual attraction.

A man and a woman must be attractive and interesting people for each other. But the further development of relations usually doesn’t come if there is only a mutual attraction. Men pay attention to the appearance of a woman: facial features, her figure and gait, a voice. Most women also don’t mind to have an attractive man nearby. But women pay a greater importance on such qualities of men as the mind, the strength of character, reliability and courage.

2nd stage – adaptation

This phase of a relationship is the most difficult and many couples broke up because they have failed this stage. During the second stage lovers find out whether they have a lot in common, is it interesting to be together, are their views on relationships, family, life and many other things fit partner’s views. And if it turns out that a man and a woman are completely different people, the way is the only one – to end this relationship.

3rd stage – oversaturation

This stage is not far off when you begin to live together. It can take a year for someone and for some – just a few months. The condition of “lasting love” can remain when a certain distance in communication is observed. Hence a long romantic relationship that develops on distance, in correspondence or in rare meetings. When people begin to live together, they gradually begin to notice in the beloved person not only advantages but also disadvantages.

4th stage – rejection

The state of rejection ensues when the “chemistry of love” doesn’t work anymore. Rose-colored glasses disappear and a person begins to doubt whether a partner is so good and deliberate, whether he or she didn’t hurry with the choice. Here come quarrels and conflicts in a relationship. For many couples, this stage turns into a total disappointment in the choice and in the relationship.

5th stage – patience

At this stage, a man and a woman cease to doubt the correctness of their choice and their relationship becomes more serious and stable. Here, lovers begin to form a sense of duty and responsibility to each other.

6th stage – respect

It is the result of the previous stage. People already know each other; they have been together through many life difficulties. Partners have learned how to make pleasant and desired things for each other, not demanding something in return. We can safely say that true love occurs between people at this stage of the relationship.

7th stage – love

This is the most awaited phase in the relationship. A couple understands each other perfectly. It is a real spiritual achievement and very few reach this level. True love is not an accidental gift of fate, it is the reward for effort. It is a great desire to overcome difficulties and to work a lot.

A couple must go through seven stages of relations development where they will get along gradually and establish a mutual understanding before a relationship ends with a marriage.

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