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6 Things Which You Should Know About Gum Disease And Gingivitis

Nearly half of America, that is one out of two people in the US is suffering from dental problems. And yet almost the same number of Americans are still ignoring a regular visit to dental care professional. No one knows why? but sooner or later they will realize the importance when dental problems will make their lives miserable. And the expenses will be more than the sum of all dental visit charges that might have occurred.

1. What is the importance of good oral health? I am sure many people must have asked the same question from you. To avoid dental problems that may occur later and lead to serious health problems. Also, to grow confident through life, good oral hygiene is a must. Avoiding risk factors and having a regular dental check up from the very beginning of life can help people maintain good oral health for themselves and their whole family.

2. What should you do? The answer is to visit a dental care professional. The world is celebrating “World oral health day” on March 20 and on this day we should make a commitment to ourselves to take care of our mouth by taking proper care of it. Also, visit a dentist on a regular basis for a dental checkup.

3. What are the problems that you’ll face? Gingivitis or periodontal gum disease which is the very common dental problem among adults in the USA. If you lack a proper dental health, chances are you’re the next victim of such dental problems.

4. What is Gum Disease and Gingivitis? What are the differences? Gum diseases are those which affect your gums directly causing bleeding in gums or permanent damage to gums in the worst case scenario. This affected gums will get weak and result in loss of teeth due to the destruction of gums that surround and support your teeth. Now the difference between Gum disease and Gingivitis is very small. Gingivitis is gum inflammation that usually occurs before periodontal (Gum disease). All gingivitis results into a gum disease later but not if the victim takes necessary precautions and medications before the inflammation progresses to a periodontal.

5. What are the symptoms of gingivitis and gum disease? It’s really easy to know if you’re suffering from gingivitis and gum disease, all you have to do is pay attention.

a. Bleeding gums, during and after brushing your teeth.

b. Swollen gums that turn red and gentle gums.

c. Smell coming out from your mouth while you breathe which continues to persist

d. Deep pockets forming in between teeth causing pain.

e. The recession of gums which means formations of exposure in between teeth and gum holding it due to loss of gum tissue.

f. Tooth loss

g. Teeths don’t fit right upon biting as it used to do earlier is known as teeth shifting.

6. What are the practical solutions of Gingivitis treatment? Firstly, the focus should be on preventing it from happening by taking proper care of your teeth but in case it persists, visit the dentist for a regular health checkup.

a. Professional dental cleaning

b. Scaling and root planing

c. Flap surgery

d. Bone grafts

e. Soft tissue grafts

f. Guided tissue regeneration

g. And, bone surgery

These are the possible treatments for gingivitis and gum disease based on the seriousness of the problem.  

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