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janicecookjc10 Freelance Writer and Blogger
5mo Ocala, Florida, United States Story
6 Lifestyle Changes to avoid Spine Problems

The modern hectic lifestyle has adversely affected the health of individuals that are stuck in a regular sitting job; back pain is one of the common problems that are often due to the result of incorrect posture and sitting long hours in front of computers without constant stretching. People prefer to take dozens of painkillers and other comforting drugs that may provide temporary relief, but have severe side-effects on one’s health. Here we will discuss some simple lifestyle changes that are quite helpful in preventing various spine problems.

Add a Physical Activity in your routine

Our muscles are meant to be moved and lack of movement for long hours may result in a strain on the spine causing severe back pain and discomfort, this strain can further lead to a more complicated health issue that may require medical attention. Daily workout and exercises ensure proper movement of the muscles that eventually releases any sprain and provides better flexibility to the muscles. Moreover, regular exercise helps in maintaining adequate body weight, which is one of the main reasons of various spine-related problems.

Eat Precisely

Numerous people don’t bother about their odd eating habits that ruin their body’s overall health and lead to back pain and stiffness. The fast food sometimes causes inflammation in the intestines, which is further transferred to the spine that causes severe pain and numbness in the lower back. One must strictly follow a healthy diet and must consult a physician in case they are facing some spine related problem. Paley Institute is a renowned medical services provider that specializes in orthopedic treatments with fruitful results. You can consult them regarding the reoccurring back pain, its causes, and its permanent treatment.

Sleeping on Sideways

The sleeping position also plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy spine and ensures correct posture throughout the day. Sleeping on sides is perhaps the best way of sleeping that helps in relaxing the muscles and improves the quality of sleep. Sleeping on back or belly can unfavorably cause various spine-related issues including numbness in the back and legs, and shoulder uneasiness.

Maintaining Right Posture

Maintaining a correct posture during sitting and walking is primarily necessary for the healthy spine and back muscles. Most of us ignore the role of proper posture in our day to day life that ultimately creates different back problems in future. To avoid such back problems, one must correct the position and can also consult their physician regarding the same; your doctor knows better about your current posture than you do.

Give up Smoking

Smoking can affect your heart and lungs in a brutal way, but not everyone is aware of the fact that smoking causes persistent back pain and soreness. This is because smoking narrows the blood vessels that can eventually cause back pain, or worsen the current back pain.

Lessen Stress

Stress and anxiety are the cause of numerous health related problems including back pain. The continuous tension of the nerves causes a severe back pain that can be sometimes unbearable. These kinds of pains are usually reoccurring and may become worse if not treated on time. You can practice various types of yoga and meditation to release stress and to relax the muscles. Also, you must consult your physician regarding the same.


These small lifestyle changes can be fruitful in relieving spine and back problems, and you can live a safe and healthy life. If you are having constant back pains and require medical treatment, you can contact Paley Institute, and they will provide you the finest back pain treatment. You can visit their official website or call on their helpline number to book an appointment.   

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Freelance Writer and Blogger

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