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5 Tips on How to Look Cool at the Beach

Nowadays it’s practically impossible to imagine a day at the beach without all the accompanying equipment: a replacement bikini, beach scarf, flip flops, something good to read, your favorite refreshments etc. Somehow it seems that no matter how well you equip yourself, you never manage to capture how cool you actually are. Fortunately, there’s a solution even for this problem and it comes in a form of a few handy tips you can use in order to preserve that cool and funky look while at the beach.

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Carefully Choose Your Swimwear

No matter how many times the problem emerges, somehow it seems that it’s necessary to repeat it all over again: you simply cannot trust magazine covers and Victoria’s secret models to choose your swimwear. Choosing a perfect swimsuit depends solely on your personal figure, and it’s important to find a piece that will emphasize your best features. Ask yourself whether you feel more comfortable in one-piece swimsuit or in a bikini, and work it from there. Choose an appropriate neckline, a funky pattern or a bold color and you can be sure that you’ll catch the attention of everyone at the beach.

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Cover Up

Before you completely disregard the option to cover up your tanned, toned beach body when you have so eagerly waited for the chance to show it off, perhaps you should think again. Sarongs and kaftans have become quite stylish in the last couple of years and, although they originated in Asia, these wrappable garments made from light fabrics have become an essential beach piece among western women. Not only do they make exquisite stylish details, but they can also protect you from the sun.

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Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Let’s face it – there’s nothing less appealing than looking like a crab after suffering severe sunburns. Not only is this not cool, but it’s actually quite dangerous and unhealthy. Whenever you head to the beach, make sure to have a bottle of sunscreen by your side. It’s important to find a sunscreen with a good SPF and apply it regularly, so you’d stay protected.

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Maintain Good Posture

If you wish to maintain a cool attitude and look like a million bucks, you’ll need to learn to maintain a good posture. While this advice might seem banal and unnecessary, you’d be surprised how unattractive bad posture looks like. A tight body, stylish sunglasses, a funky swimsuit and flawless hair can easily be overlooked if you look as the hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Bring On the Accessories

Of course, nothing’s complete without the right set of accessories. If you really can’t take a break from jewelry, then make sure you invest in a stylish waterproof watch. Otherwise rely on some other funky gadgets and toys that will make your day at the beach unforgettable. A fashionable tote to carry all your things in is a must-have, while you simply can’t resist the genius waterproof kindle to read all your favorite novels without fearing possible catastrophes. Forget about beach towels and hammocks and find pleasure in Cloud9 Lounges, inflatable mattresses equipped with an eBook pocket, bottle pocket and a bottle opener.

Got your summer body ready? In that case, it’s time to hit the beach. Of course, don’t forget to pack your essential items that’ll help you attract more than just a few looks. If you just keep these few easy steps in mind when packing for the beach, you can easily become the main attraction.

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1 comment

  • Alison
    Alison Supreme Lord of Ice Cream
    12mo ago

    Great tips for the beach season!

    Great tips for the beach season!

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