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5 Layouts for Your Kitchen

Whether you are designing a kitchen for a new house or remodelling an existing one, an important factor to take into consideration is the layout.

Weigh Your Options

The layout you choose should depend on the size of your kitchen area, the placement of cabinets, counters and furniture, the location of doors and windows and the ease of working. A modern kitchen will see the participation of many people rather than just one person and will call for comfort and multi-purpose requirements.

One Wall Kitchen

This layout is usually found in small homes, apartments, lofts and studios. You will have easy access to your appliances and cabinets, which will be lined up against a single wall, leaving enough room for you to work. The sink will be placed between the range and refrigerator and there will be ample counter space on either side. However, if your appliances are large, there might be a shortage of space in your work area. If this is the case, look for compact appliances and cabinets such as DIY Kitchens if your kitchen happens to be small.

Galley Kitchen

The galley is one of the most efficient layouts. So called because it was used in ships, it makes the most of a confined space. The galley consists of two rows of counters and appliances on either side, with a narrow space in the middle for the cook to go about their work. A downside is that it leaves no room for a dining area and your interactions with family members or guests while working will be limited.

U Shaped Kitchen

The U shaped layout is designed for both large and small spaces and similar to the previous two entries, is equally efficient. The shape has three walls of appliances and cabinets andresembles a wide galley kitchen, with one end closed up. It will also allow more than one cook. Problems with this type of layout include little space in between and an inability to incorporatea table or chairs.

L Shaped Kitchen

A popular option in modern homes and lofts, the L shaped layout is versatile and suitable for small to medium sized kitchens. The layout consists of two perpendicular, adjacent lines in an L shape. This design could be adopted for both large and small spaces and the L leg could be made fairly long. This layout is also great for entertaining and can incorporate multiple cooks, as well as leave space for a table and chairs where guests could mingle.

G Shaped Kitchen

This layout is basically a U shape with an added island, forming a fourth leg. It’s suitable if you want to make the maximum use of your space. An important point is to make sure the island is not very long, so that moving in and out of the kitchen won’t be difficult. This design can easily employ multiple cooks and a seating area in your kitchen.

Your layout should thus be easy to access and make the most of your kitchen space.

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