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over 1 year Story
5 Key Aspects of Ecommerce that are Often Overlooked

Ecommerce is here to stay. It has been on an impressive uprise for almost a decade now and the estimates are that Ecommerce is going to bloom in such a manner that it will double in volume by 2019 and take more than 12 percent of overall sales worldwide. Anyone planning to participate in this ever growing market needs to start preparing immediately, leaving nothing to chance. To make this happen, these 5 fundamental aspects of Ecommerce must not be overlooked in any circumstances.


Just like in any other kind of business, marketing is often the key to success. This is especially true when Ecommerce is in question since the number of websites available is nearly one billion and rising. Finding a secure spot among them and attracting people to your webpage is something you need marketing for. An outstanding one too, since all others have similar plans. There are numerous ways of improving your marketing and it a subject that deserves special attention. The most important thing to progress in Ecommerce world is to constantly make yourself present and not rest on laurels of your current success.

Shipping Costs and Packaging Quality

One of the biggest reasons for customers’ complaints related to Ecommerce is expensive shipping and problematic packaging quality. They are usually the main reason for returning the goods and money refund demands, which is something any online business prefers to avoid. This makes all your marketing and website development efforts futile and it is an issue that needs to be addressed with special attention. Find a competitive shipping company that provides several shipping options and let your customers choose. Finally, make sure your goods are perfectly packed and avoid complications resulting from poor packaging quality.

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Payment Options

Credit card payment is the usual way to pay when it comes to Ecommerce in general. The primary reason for this is that they were the only convenient way for the sellers and buyers at the start of online purchases. However, things have changed in that area, and continue to change rapidly. There are alternative payments services available that are far more convenient for both customers and merchants than credit cards. On top of being more secure than credit or debit cards these services enable more practical international sales since they offer local support in native languages thus reducing the possibility of misunderstanding. Buy globally and pay locally is a dream come true for most customers, so why not make it possible?

Easy Checkout

Another frequent complaint customers have is a complicated checkout process. Usual remarks are related to the amount of data asked to be filled in, slow and hard to manage interface and several stages of the process. This is especially annoying to your registered and loyal customers. To prevent all unnecessary hassle, enable 1 click checkout. It uses your customer database and enables the easiest possible checkout for all previously registered customers. This will also motivate all other customers to register, increasing your loyal customers’ database in return.

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Instant Response

All serious Ecommerce companies have FAQ section and customer assistance. The best of them respond to customers’ requests in a matter of minutes and this is one of the things that separates them from the competition and keeps them on the top. Therefore, respond to your customers’ questions and requests in a timely and constructive manner and you will surely enhance their trust and loyalty.

These 5 aspects will make a world of difference to the way you do your business. Customers will value your efforts greatly, your current client base will be firm and you will attract new ones. What more can a business person ask?

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