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5 Items to Carry With You on Your Beach Trip

A trip to the beach is always exciting and fun, especially if you are going with family and friends. The beach always makes you think of relaxing and lazing under the sun or swimming and playing in the shore. Regardless of what kind of trip you are planning and where you have decided to set up yourselves, it is important that you have an organized yet fun time. This means planning and taking the basic items that you will need during your stay.

A Fancy Towel

Whether you are going to get a little bronzing under the sun or just sit around on the beach and play with the sand, you will need to take a beach mat or towel. Choose from a range of nice round towels that are colourful and bright. This is sure to add a little comfort underneath you. It will also look great on pictures. Even if you wish to do some reading, it will be a nice to have a nice towel for you to lie on comfortably.

Protect Yourself

Fun under the sun means you have to take care of your skin and eyes. Find a good sunblock that is water resistant and with a high SPF. This is keep you protected from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays. These are known to cause cancer of the skin which no one wishes for. So make you trip as safe as possible. Also take a good pair of shades that can protect your eyes from the sun. Reflection of the sunlight off the water is also known to be harmful. If you are interested in water sports make sure you get the right kind for maximum protection.

Fluids to Keep You Cool

Take a cooler box with lots of water and other juice of your liking. You are bound to get thirsty and must keep hydrated for maximum comfort. Swimming in the salty water can sometimes make you forget your thirsty for a while but it’s important that you keep some refreshing drinks on hand to grab in-between your fun times. You can also carry some snacks to nibble on. You are very much likely to get hungry after all that time spent playing on the beach.

To Keep Your Feet Safe

Take a pair of flip flops with you. The sand can be nice and cool as you start your trip, if you are starting off early. But as the day progresses and with the sun out and hot, it is bound to get very hot. A good pair of flip flops can help you move about without hurting the soles of your foot. They also can be washed and dried quickly, so you don’t have to worry about packing wet shoes in your bag or car.

Books and Games

It will be good idea to take some games to entertain you and your family. Maybe play some beach ball or Frisbee. You could also take some reading materials to entertain yourself when you feel like relaxing and not playing any active sport. Keep the family and friends entertained and you will have a great trip.

However you wish to entertain yourself, make sure it will be a trip worth remembering. Taking a camera will help you capture some pictures will also be a great way to keep some memories made.

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