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oscolijemas Oscoli Jemas
4mo USA Story
5 Great Augmented Reality Apps To Try

Augmented reality (AR) is a type of technology that superimposes real-time information with things like images and sounds. It is entirely different from virtual reality which generates a whole new virtual environment for one to interact. AR instead adds to the world we see and hear, rather than replacing it.

App developers have found ways to enhance augmented reality app development, and today AR apps are some the most popular application you will find. Let's take a look at five great AR apps to enjoy.


Snapchat has become widely popular over the past few years with several applications mimicking its interface. What many know about Snapchat are its self-destructive messages which give a high level of privacy on social media. But alongside this is its ability to combine AR technology with your phone camera allowing you to place 3D stickers, images, and sounds over your pictures and videos. These filters can be very fascinating hence its popularity. It can align with your facial features transforming you into anything from a fox to a zombie.


App developers have found a way of infusing augmented reality app development with learning. The Wikitude app helps you gain a bunch of information on the go. Using the app, you can scan objects in front of you, from buildings to landscapes, to reveal information about it. Initially developed for location based AR Wikitude now gives users the ability to carry out 3D model rendering, image recognition, and tracking, as well as a video overlay.


If you still enjoy coloring as an adult, look no farther than Quiver. This AR app allows users to download and print an image, which they can color with a pen or pencil. Users can hover their phone camera over their masterpiece to watch it move around, play games with it by touching the screen, and transform their artwork to 3D using the Cardboard headset.

Google Translate

Google has stepped up its app development game with this AR version of Google Translate. If you ever find yourself abroad and unable to read menus or magazines, simply hold your phone camera in front of the document and watch the words incredibly transform to English or 28 other languages on your screen. Amazing right?! Even better, you don't need a data connection to run this app, no need to worry about paying for data abroad.


Ingress is an exciting AR game that allows thousands of players from around the world to engage at the same time. Each player gets to choose a side either ‘The Enlightened’ - a group of people who want to embrace a new world or ‘The Resistance’ - an opposing group that wants to protect humanity as it is. The world is the platform, and players can discover and key into mysterious energy seen as neon signs superimposed on real life images. Interact with thousands of players as you attack enemy territories.

6. Pokemon GO

No list of best AR apps would be complete without mentioning the widely popular Pokemon GO. The game which was also created by Niantic, makers of Ingress, uses your GPS to mark your location, while using your smartphone camera to show you Pokemon in the real world. Pokemon GO is a highly absorbing AR game that has people running around in the real world trying to catch Pokemon.

AR app development by app development company is taking a huge leap, and the best is yet to come. For now, enjoy these five incredible AR apps.

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Oscoli Jemas

Oscoli Jemas is a Business Development Manager at mobile app development company with the team of best app developers from India. Technology encourages and advised him to write contents on various topics covering all latest technologies. His knowledge and expertise are apparent in his writing [...]

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