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6mo Delhi Story
5 Amazing Benefits Of Push-Ups

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Five benefits of push ups are as follows:

  • Push ups enable you tone your butt and other fat depositing target areas that bother all of us. What is important is you do the push up even if 10 of them properly than just by hitting a target like that. Such push ups are no good. Your body needs to lean down and get back to the same posture again with equal spread out arms.
  • Push ups need no sophisticated expertise and can be done at the luxury of your place. These exercises won’t cost you hefty gym membership rather all it requires is dedication and sincerity towards the craft. This workout requires spreading arms to the level of your shoulders.
  • Performing push ups boosts the metabolism along with the blood circulation leading to more burning of calories than the usual workout. This one exercise is exhausting as it takes lot of stamina and if done good repetition you need not workout more.
  • Women often lack upper strength which can be gained with consistent push ups than engaging in weight lifting and related activities as one does not even feel doing it due to the pain in lifting the weights. Even stretching and cardiovascular exercises would give the same result . Push ups are demanding when you begin with but as you get used to it you get habitual of doing as much as 200-300 push ups.
  • Push up is the only one exercise that allows full body workout at one go. You can work the chest, hamstring, calves, arms all with one particular workout. Doing push ups regularly will allow you a much more toned body, arms and shoulders.

Thus, push ups are demanding out of all the workout as it requires you to infuse yourself as much as stamina needed to pull oneself up and down with arm strength distinctly. These are good for improving immunity as it involves the whole body to regulate properly with it’s involvement.

Push ups are a must do for gym junkies as well as body builders. But it also has grabbed the imagination of common people too. There are few essential factors that need to be paid special attention while doing it and doing it rightly. Many of us do push ups from a very early time but do not do it rightly and rather make it as per our own convenience. There a couple of things that one should bear in mind while trying to perform push ups starting from it’s posture to repetition.

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