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4 Different Shoe Styles Girls Should Have This Summer

Footwear is an essential part of the wardrobe and necessary for a good appearance. It is not possible to complete an outlook without the right shoes. The trends of footwear change every season, but some shoe styles stay around for a long time. The most popular shoe styles are high heel shoes, boots, wedges and sandals. It’s up to you that which shoe style you prefer as per your wardrobe options. The style is continuing to evolve and becoming more fashionable with time. Here are some budget friendly footwears that can go well with any dress style.

  • Platform Shoes

These are among the most popular styles of shoes. They have evolved a lot and the designs available these days have thick soles, but the heels have become daintier. These shoes are excellent for adding a little height. Moreover, high heel platform shoes are perfect for evening outings as they go very well with the formal attire and dressy occasions. These heels can also be worn with office wear. They are elegant and sophisticated.

  • Comfy Boots

One more shoe style that a girl should have this summer is comfy boots. These boots are similar to the traditional boots, but there are little differences. The soles of these boots are thicker, and they have corresponding heels. These boots are available in so many different styles nowadays. You can find them in any color that you want. They have evolved a lot from menacing black designs to feminine designs. Girls ankle boots are also perfect as it provides more ankle support as they mostly are knee high. They are suitable for both summer and winter season as they cover the feet completely. They are stylish and are suitable for casual outfits.

  • Stylish Wedges

Another shoe style that a girl should have this summer is wedges. These are one amongst the most comfortable shoes of all times. Not this alone fact makes these shoes popular, but the stylish and smart look of wedges makes them more attractive and alluring to wear on casual occasions.  Most of the women love these wedge sandals as they give extra support to the feet as compared to other heels available and are more stable as well. I have seen a lot of people wearing thongs with a casual outfit that looks quite horrible. Wedges are perfect to wear on a casual basis and will help you enhance your entire look. These sandals come in low, medium or high heels with a plain look or a fancy one with beads, flowers or ribbons.

  • Funky Sandals

They are a popular fashion trend this summer, and they are perfect for a warm climate. These sandals are casual and a good choice if you want to add height. These sandals let the feet breath in the hot season, which is essential for comfort. These sandals are available in a variety of styles and colors. There are sandals that come with straps, and they go perfectly with summer dresses. These sandals are available in a number of styles with funky colors that look stunning with both western and eastern dresses.

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