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3 ‘Golden Rules’ To Shop The Best Bongs Before You Get High

Planning to get high? Do you have a perfect bong? How long are you going to spend time with your old bong, it’s time to get a new high and level up into the perfect stoner. Perfect stoner! Don’t you know what they are? Let me tell you how you can find out if you’re a perfect stoner or not. Do you spend more money on your bong compared to the amount you spend on your girlfriend? Yes? Congratulations! You’re a perfect stoner.

Getting high is a heavenly pleasure but without a perfect bong the pleasure is incomplete. So, if your bong is broken, dirty, or resinated, it’s perfect time for you to change your bong and upgrade to a better bong. But wait! Make sure you buy a perfect bong that set’s the temperature and feel of the ‘get high’ session. I hope you understand what I mean.

Choosing a perfect bong is equally important to buying quality stuff and there’s a process to find a perfect bong. Below we’ll share the process ‘How to find your perfect bong’.

1. Decide your bong material type: 

Choosing the kind of material of which your bong should be made of? The glass is a suitable option if you are a beginner because you can never go wrong with a glass bong. Or you can go for ceramic bongs which are available in various size, designs, colors, and shapes for the crazy fun that is associated with the pleasure of getting high. If you want the bong for just a few occasions you can buy plastic bongs which are surprisingly reliable and the cheapest of all. Or if you want to get high in a natural way, bamboo bongs are the alternates you have. Bamboo bongs are made of pure bamboo, well, most part of the bong is made of bamboo and the best advantage with bamboo bongs, they are durable and display style. The choice of material is completely a matter of personal choices and preferences, and unless you use all the bongs, you won’t gain the knowledge about them. To be frank, personally trying all the bongs can take years.

2. Decide the occasion and frequencies:

Most of the stoners are choosy and selective and they have different bongs for different occasions. Like all the connoisseur who has different taste for things, stoners have different bongs depending on the occasion and using frequency. So, if you inhibit such traits too, you’ve to be specific about the occasion and the number of times you’ll use the bong and then choose the bong for purchase. Factors such as how many times you’ll clean it, for personal or party use, going on a road trip, or whether you want a bong which qualifies the technical test, contribute to a great extent while deciding your bong. Since you should be clear with all these questions before you go out to shop your bong.

3. Be aware of your lung capacity:

The size of your bong should be according to your lung capacity and this is what first timers often forget while purchasing their bong. Though bigger bongs hit better but bigger isn’t always the best. Bigger bongs break more frequently compared to smaller ones and they are more difficult to clean and store.

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