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3 Famous Intellectual Property Cases You Should Know

There must be people knowing A to Z about ‘intellectual property’ but it’s probably a new term for few people. They must have heard of it sometimes but the complete knowledge of this term is only acquired by few. So, before we discuss intellectual property in depths, let us talk about it in the layman's language.

Understanding the term “Intellectual property”: Intellectual property is regarded to anything intangible and counted as a property. An intellectual property, unlike other commercial property, is a creation of the mind, something like an idea, a creative name, a creative tagline, a business idea, or anything that is a result of creativity and which can have a copyright or patent registered with it.

Today we'll share the examples of popular intellectual property rights cases that are worth a mention.

Amazon's one-click patent

The e-commerce giant Amazon registered a patent known as 'one click patent' which allows the user to purchase the product in a single click. Amazon was granted the parent for one click technology on September 28, 1999, and after that, there have been many disputes regarding this patent. The most popular amongst all this is the lawsuit filed against Barnes & Noble, just a month after the patent was granted to Amazon. In the same year, Barnes & Noble introduced a one step checkout option which was officially called as 'Express lane' which was very similar to the 'one click technology' and allowed the users or buyers to complete their purchase in one step. Amazon filed a lawsuit for this breach of patent terms against Barnes & Noble which continued till 2002 before it got settled under the full secrecy of the terms.

Google trademark keywords

Google sells keywords to webmasters and we all are aware of it. Due to this selling of keywords to webmasters, Google got into legal predicament many times but the one which really caught the attention was the lawsuit by Rescuecom. Rescuecom filed a lawsuit against Google in April 2006 in the lower courts accusing Google of selling the keyword 'Rescuecom' to the competitors of Rescuecom. However, the lawsuit was dismissed by the lower courts but in April 2009, the case again appeared in the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals which issued a ruling stating Google guilty of trademark infringement and directed it to continue in the lawsuit.

Napster case

The internet has never refrained from using a chance to surprise us out of the blue and the next example is from the same domain. A well-known case associated with the internet is the 'Napster case'. Napster is an internet-based file sharing website that allows users to download songs and share it for free through the website. The problem was people were getting music for free so they stopped buying CD's which was a reason that infuriated the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Because Napster didn't own the copyright to share the music files that were being downloaded and shared using the user's RIAA sued Napster. RIAA won the case due to which now Napster is operating as a fee-based music website that charges a subscription from its users and pays the licensing fees for the music it shares on its website.

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