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3 Equipment Every Powerlifter Must Have In Their Kit

Wrestling, weightlifting, gyming, and all the other sports that involve a lot of rugged physical activities, for those, injuries become a common day to day life irritation. I mean you can’t be into the game of strength if you haven’t broken your legs few times and your shoulder doesn’t ache while you return home. Pain is the most honest friends of athletes associated with physical strength games. But, not to forget, these ‘gladiators’ were normal humans once and they have sacrificed a lot before they became what they are today. To be the strongest of all men’s or women’s is not a simple thing, it takes a lot, and it breaks a lot. It’s not like you think of becoming one and the next day you wake as one! Nah! Life is not a fairytale, and physical strength is not easy to achieve.

So, how do they do it? The answer is through rigorous training, dedication, and the use of right training tools.

1. Resistance Band: Resistance bands is a somewhat like the skipping rope, the only difference is they ain’t used for skipping. These are made of strong rubber with handles at the end of both sides. The resistance of the rubber is yours to choose depending on your personal fitness level. These are multipurpose powerlifting equipment and you can use them for various exercises like triceps extension, chest press, bicep curls, and squats without using any heavyweight.

What resistance bands do? Resistance bands, as the name suggests, they help an individual in increasing their resistance towards the upcoming and unpredictable injuries and help athletes in their training. And, as mentioned above, the resistance band imitates the heavyweights at the time of various exercises, and thus, it’s quite beneficial to have one in your kit every time. They can be used whenever the heavyweights ain’t accessible. The most advantageous part, you can use it alone, all by yourself.

Advantages of resistance bands over other fitness equipment:

Cost effective: Resistance bands are cheap and affordable to anyone and everyone who is concerned with their fitness. Heavyweights are very expensive and can be used for only a limited number of exercises but resistance bands can be used for multiple exercises.

Adaptable: You can easily adapt to the movements that your body will come across while using resistance bands. The movements are associated with the daily exercises, hence, it’s not difficult.

Excellent for traveling purposes: Heavyweights ain’t easy to carry, not on every trip that you plan to. The reasons are quite obvious and I don’t feel the need to share it with you. On the contrary, resistance bands are easy to carry, they hardly got any weight.

2. Lifting belt: Lifting belts are majorly used by powerlifters across the world, more as a safety equipment rather than a performance improving equipment. Lifting belts reduce the chance of injuries that a power lifter may sustain during an event. However, power lifting belts, if used properly, can increase performance by developing the endurance and strength, to the apex.

3. Lifting wrist straps: More often than not, we observe that our hands are slippery which can be extremely dangerous while training. Wrist wraps are used to stabilize the wrist, commonly the wrist joint to allow lifters to safely and comfortably continue with their exercises. These are used while benchpress, and sometimes while doing squats as well. 

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