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over 1 year Story
3 Easy Steps for Boosting Productivity within your IT Department

Improving the team’s productivity is on the to-do list of every single project manager. When it comes to IT teams, there is a whole other world of options and tools available for boosting productivity, so the project managers do not need to stoop to email sending and constant hovering over the team members.

In recent years software engineering and development  has made such big leaps that the currently available methodologies allow a project manager to monitor not only the progress of an in-house team but also the nearshoring or onshoring team, in real time. The ability to follow the project realization process step by step solving the possible risks along the way has significantly increased the productivity of whole IT departments. The steps required for running a successful IT team are:

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    Agile methodology implementation

Agile methodology, especially Scrum implementation has been a leading software development method when it comes to multiple team management. It allows a project manager to monitor the progress of different teams at the same time ensuring maximal transparency and clear product development schedule.

Another great feature with Agile implementation is the flexibility and openness to change. With old methodology we had upfront prepared timetable, work distribution and dates, agile allows constant changes in the work process depending on the results, while still enabling the delivery of the final product to be on time and at top quality.

    Multi solution problem-solving

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Each problem that occurs can have several solutions, before only one team was in charge of one problem in order to increase the productivity. Now with the improved communication channels and new software development tools, it is possible to engage several teams in order to provide various solutions to the current product development issues. This enables the project manager to choose the best and most productive one without wasting time or manpower.

Being able to get several different solutions for a single issue is a great way of ensuring that you are offering your client the best possible option for their product. By doing this you are not only heightening the level of quality that your company provides but also encouraging the exchange of ideas and opinions between the IT teams thus increasing their knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

    Hands on, face-to-face approach

This step might seem a bit outdated but it is actually one of the most important things when improving an IT team's productivity. Especially when working with nearshoring or onshoring teams it is very important to make such a working environment as to make them feel as a part of the company.

Each project manager has to be in constant communication with the teams that are not in-house. Just face time on Skype or other video chat tools is not enough. Frequent visits, encouraging team communications and building a good and high-quality communication channel is a great way to establish a highly productive network of teams able to work coherently on a single project.

The advances in the IT project management and communication technologies have enabled companies and project managers to significantly improve the overall productivity if their IT departments. It is quite relevant to factor in the human factor, making the work environment an open and safe place for exchanging ideas and finding joint solutions for common problems.

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1 comment

  • Lucy Chen
    over 1 year ago

    oh this is super helpful. I have a friend who works as a project manager in IT. Will pass this on.

    oh this is super helpful. I have a friend who works as a project manager in IT. Will pass this on.

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