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11 Secrets of a Happily Married Life You Must Know

Kate Kerrigan, in her beautiful novel titled ‘Recipes for a Perfect Marriage’ has written a wonderful line – Real love is only what you give. In today’s immensely me-centric culture which endorses an immensely dysfunctional belief that love is just a feeling that is ignited by your partner with you, it is quite simple to be trapped into thinking that you are not feeling enough desire, attraction, or love, and that something is wrong with the relationship.

So, how do you make your marriage work? What are the secrets ? 

Well,  here are some tips that you need to know for a happy marriage :-

Be Realistic with your Relationship Expectations

 One of the most wonderful things in the world is romance and when you see the best of your partner, you maintain love and intimacy. However, you will spend years with your spouse, and therefore, you should expect some imperfections. During the first stages of your relationship, the main objective of your romantic might seem to be perfect, but, then you discover their ‘feet of day’. At this stage, to have a long-lasting marriage, you need to see beyond the personal idiosyncrasies and weaknesses. All marriages require work. So, don’t expect it to be flawless or effortless.

Always Help Each Other during the Worst Time

Not every day in your lives will be perfect. Same goes for your partner. So, when you feel that your partner is not having a great day or going through a tough time, be there for him/her. Understand what he/she is going through. Find out what kind of a problem, he/she is facing and make sure that you don’t say or do anything to make the situation even worse for him/her. During his/her hard time, try to make his/her life as much smooth and tension-free as possible. He/she needs you to be with him/her. Just do exactly that.

Surprising Gifts for Each Other

There are various romantic acts like giving her a flower someday, or placing a love-note on his briefcase or giving him/her random gifts whenever possible. There are numerous ideas for giving romantic gifts to your loved one and keep the flame of passion alive in your marriage. You can take the help of  flower delivery UK service to surprise him/her with beautiful flowers delivery at his/her work place. All in all, just keep on surprising him/her with some beautiful gifts, wherever and whenever possible. Keep the love alive.

Find Time to Flirt with Your Partner

Just like the old saying goes that ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away, there is also a saying in case of marriages – a compliment a day keeps the divorce attorneys away. If you and your partner have a very busy schedule every day, find some time to flirt with one another. Compliment her by saying things like ‘You’re gorgeous’ or ‘if I can, I would like to spend all my lifetime with you and even in the next life also’. Just randomly compliment her and flirt with her, whenever possible, and don’t forget to bring some gifts while you flirt.

Always remember to Celebrate Special Days

The one thing that surely kills any marriage is forgetting each other’s special days. It is a fact that in today’s hectic life, we tend to forget things. So, if you are in the habit of forgetting things due to your hectic schedule, then, set a reminder on your phone about the special days of your partner’s life – like his/her birthday, your marriage anniversary, the day you first met, and other important dates. Celebrate these special days with him/her and make him/her feel special on these days. Choose some special  birthday gifts for her  and surprise her on her birthday. This will go a great length to make your marriage successful.

Go on a Holiday Together

The whole year is made up of numerous holidays. Plus, you can get paid leave from your work – casual leave. So, take some time off your work, and go on a quick holiday with your spouse. This holiday will not only help you clear your heads, it will also help you spend quality time with one another. Just the two of you, nobody else. This will also let you get intimate with one another as you will be alone with one another. This will keep the intimacy alive in your marriage.

Sorry should not be the Hardest Word

You might have noticed that some individuals do not have the capability to admit that they were wrong and apologize. This is another marriage killer. You should be able to apologize to one another when you have committed a mistake. Apologizing and saying sorry should not be a hard thing to do. You can also take the help of an online flowers delivery UK service to send flower to him/her with a note saying ‘Sorry’. This will bring a smile to him/her face and let him/her forgive you.

Do Fun Together

One of the most fun things that a married couple can do is to have a date night. What you do on date night doesn’t matter – what matters is the fact that you should have fun on your date night. Do anything which is fun for you guys – watch a funny movie together, go to an amusement park, or do something that you guys have never done before. Just make sure you are having fun and enjoying yourselves.

Respect Each Other’s Personal Rights and Privacies

Independence is extremely important in a marriage. For a happy marriage, respect each other’s personal space, and privacies. Both of you have your own private spaces and private lives. So, it would be a great idea to maintain the boundary of your personal spaces and some privacies. This, in fact, is the key to a happy and successful marriage. So, when your spouse wants to take some personal time for themselves, permit them to do so and let them have their personal time.

Thank You Gifts for the Little Things

 In a marriage, it’s the little things that count – like a kiss good night, or a simple good morning, or taking out the trash, or various other little things. So, for every little thing that your spouse takes care of, give her a thank you gifts. You might not realize it, but these little thank you gifts have a huge impact on their mood. You can give teddy with cake to your dear ones using cake delivery service in UK and make them feel special. Your loved one will surely love it. Their love for you increases and keep your marriage alive and breathing.

Don’t Dig Up Your Pasts

 Your and your spouse’s past should be just that – the past. So, don’t go digging up each other’s past as it will hurt both of you. The past should be left behind and should not be brought up for any reason, whatsoever. Do that, and you put your marriage on the line of fire and the cracks start to show. Bringing up the past can instantly kill a marriage and you and your partner start to drift apart from one another.

Making a marriage work takes a lot of time and work. You should have the ability to put in the extra effort to make your marriage. The above tips will help you stay on the right track, but you should be the one who works on your marriage to make it happy and successful.

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