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    I completely agree with Natasha! I used to suffer from anxiety when I was younger and I also didn't talk about it with anyone, not even my own parents. Exercise and meditation definitely helps a ton. What also really helped me to get through the crazy waves of anxiety is the realization itself that I'm being anxious in that moment and examine the situation. So basically, every time I felt that particular emotional wave coming, I would take a step back and try to look at the situation as an outsider. I would tell myself "Okay, I'm being anxious right now. Why is that?" Then I would take a deeper look at what happened at that particular moment and my thoughts and feelings around it. Then I would ask myself "Am I being reasonable right now? No. So, how can I make myself feel better?" And then finally, I would shift my thoughts towards finding a solution instead of staying in that moment with my crazy thoughts. So, that practice really helped me. Also, your boyfriend wouldn't be with you if he thought you were not good for him. Just think about it, would you be with him if you thought he was not good for you? 😉 Hope this helps!

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