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Which Jobs Robots Will Take in Last?

In my previous post I detailed about “which jobs robots will take first?” Now in this article you can see “jobs which robots will take last”.

Nearly every human job needs a combination of four tasks to perform:

Cognitive repetitive (predictable)

Cognitive nonrepetitive (not predictable)

Manual repetitive (predictable)

Manual nonrepetitive (not predictable)

Intrusion of robots can’t be same in all levels. For example, an assembly level worker mainly does manual repetitive tasks, which robots can replace, but the tasks of CEO at multinational organization can’t be easy for robots take over. So executive level jobs in trucking and machinery industries are in big shake up, but not officer or management level jobs.

Thinking About the Future of Work

Think twice, at some level, robots are able to replace every job and there is no second thought about it. But the question is which jobs robots will take in last. But some jobs are not easy for robots to take.  Surprisingly, today all sorts of technology companies, including top mobile app development companies Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi ncr and Bangalore, India are also into thinking of this changing phenomena.  But we can’t tell robots will replace all the jobs, because human intuition, reasoning, empathy and emotion which are tough job written algorithms like robots. Below I have listed some jobs which robots will take in last.

Jobs Which Robots Will Take in Last

Judge: Professions like Judges, arbitrators and persons who play judging role in games and other contests need objective and subjective capability.  In some cases, humanity is important, but we can’t expect the same from robots.

Mental Health Professionals: Professions like psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health related professions will be replaced last. The machine can understand language and responses but it can’t understand human feeling so easily because the ability to create a robot that could take the job of a trusted psychiatrist is a rock-breaking challenge to the current technical expertise.

Pre-school and Elementary School Teacher: Everyone knows how useful teaching through technological advancements like smartphone and laptop for kids. Today pre-school and elementary school teachers in India teach students using mobile apps developed by the best mobile apps development companies in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Noida, India. This is letting them to get more interest and technology knowledge from students’ side. But you can’t let computers to train your children. Teachers can convince students by putting maximum emphasis but robots can’t control crying children.  

Other professions like artists (dancers, painters, musicians, singers) and politicians are also difficult to replace. After reading this post you might have got where your jobs are listed. Finally, don’t wait until your jobs are taken by robots.

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