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Not everyone is an English professor, but the desire to write, create blog posts and share unique stories with the world should not be limited by the level of our writing skills. Practicing they say makes perfection, and as you express yourself in writing, I think it is wise to take advantage of some of the incredible writing tools available online today.

Having grammatical errors in your writing can turn readers away quickly to something or somewhere else because of the difficulty in comprehension. You can spend the whole day proofreading your content by yourself, but the fact remains that you are human and there are only so many errors you can identify.

For a non-native speaker, you will have to put in the extra effort and be more cautious of your grammar and spelling when writing in English. Well, I have used a lot of tools as a writer all of which have helped me grow the structure of my writing as well as the style. Then I decided to try Typely, and I will share with you how you can fix those commas and misspellings and also eliminate grammatical errors from your writing.

Typely is not focused on grammar because to most of the native speakers is comes naturally and to detect grammatical errors, human intelligence is required to get things right. Alternatively, Typely considers usage; that is inconsistency, redundancy, jargon, misuse of symbols, malapropisms, oxymoron, hedging and so much more. So many other tools highlight issues that can be considered as false alarms but Typely is precise and grants one the opportunity to decide if you would like to accept or refuse a suggested change. The creators of Typely focus their writing tool on providing clear solutions that writers can easily recommend for stronger and tighter written content.

By just visiting the Typely site, you can enter your content directly into the space provided and have your article checked in real time as you type. The display panel on the right side of the screen highlights all the errors and provides suggestions for the writer to accept or reject. And just like the Microsoft Word application, you get word and characters count, so you can measure exactly how much your content contains. At the bottom right corner, the panel displays the reading difficulty level of your content, the grade level, how much vocabulary is being used, and sentiment analysis.

 One common mistake newbie writers make when using any English writing tool is to leave all the work to the web app, especially the non-native English speakers. Yes, it can be tempting always to want to accept all of Typely’s changes to every piece of text, but that should not always be the case. This does not mean Typely will not always provide the right suggestions, but as a writer, it is important you understand the message you wish to pass across. So, when you feel like a phrase, a particular sentence or a word does not violate any basic grammar rules, then I believe you can let it be as it is and not make the suggested change.

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