kepulauanseribu Travel a Pulau Seribu islands resort and island residents jakarta
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Travel Kepulauan Seribu Island Resort and Island Residents in Jakarta

Jakarta has an assortment of Tourism visited by many foreign and local tourists, land and sea travel is always at Enliven by visitors who want a vacation with a quiet and cozy atmosphere in. Marine tourism is often visited by tourists are the Kepulauan Seribu Islands, where this tour is a tourist beach, the sea and the coral reefs that are preferred by all tourists who come to the pulau seribu islands. Snorkeling and scuba diving became the target of the tourists to see the underwater beauty that is in the kepulauan seribu island resort and resident.

Travel Kepulauan Seribu island has an assortment of island often visited the tourists from the island resorts and island residents as well as the islands are empty. For Island Resort which is often visited are: Pulau Ayer Resort, Pulau bidadari Resort, Pulau Sepa Resort, Pulau Putri Resort, Pulau Pantara Resort, Pulau Pelangi Resort, Pulau Macan Resort, Pulau Kotok Reosrt. For Island Residents who often visit are : Pulau Tidung residents, Pulau Pari residents, Pulau Harapan residents, Pulau Pramuka residents, Pulau Kelapa residents, Pulau Untung Jawa residents. For Empty Island who often visit : Pulau Semak Daun, Pulau Karang Athol, Pulau Dolphin, Pulau Gosong, Etc.

Vacation to the pulau seribu islands, tourists can see the Sunset Cruise with surround some of the Thousand Islands are closest island we singgahi for 1 hour trip by boat speed boat and also with a timber ship, the island can see the Sunset Cruise is the Island Princess and Island Pantara because only the island which can facilitate the sunset cruise, sunset cruise to see the tourists can see it at 5:00 pm only on the weekend and there Group from a company to be able to see the sunset cruise.

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Travel a Pulau Seribu islands resort and island residents jakarta

Travel to the island of a Pulau Seribu is a tour that has several islands often visited, ranging from the resort island to island residents.

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