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Top 3 Best Tablets for College Students

Are you looking for the best tablets for college students..? In this article, We will list three tablets that are good for school and university students. 

Okay, so you are in college now – pat yourself on the back. A new life is waiting ahead of you but you also know that college life is more complicated. There will be tons of paperwork, assignments, and tasks – not to mention that you shouldn’t neglect your social life either. Busy, busy, busy! Having the right tablet will definitely help, especially if you know exactly what kind of device you want to have. To carry your tablet or laptop to campus, you also need a good college backpack.

Wait, why not using your old laptop, the one that has been with you all through your senior high years? Well, having a laptop is definitely helpful but let’s not to forget that college life is a busy life; you will have to be moving around quickly. With the laptop, you only have the additional weight – and it is also possible that your laptop is no longer suitable for your college needs. So, no need to worry as there are limitless options of good names and brands in the industry – depending on your needs, really.

3 Best College Tablets We Recommend

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Have you thought about having Pro 4 Microsoft Surface? From the design alone, this tablet is quite catchy and awesome. It has a standalone support with an attachable keyboard. If you are looking for a laptop/tablet combination, this will be a perfect device to choose. Thanks to the PixelSense display screen, you can enjoy bright quality image. For a handy tablet, the weight is quite impressive – pretty light with less than 2 pounds measurement. If you are looking for a tablet with impressive processor, this tablet comes with M3 Intel Core – and there are options for the i5 type as well as i7 one.

2. Google Nexus 9

If you are looking for a true tablet – not the tablet/laptop crossover or whatsoever – you may be interested in trying Google Nexus 9, especially if you are looking for flexible portability. With the overall dimension of 8.9 inch, this tablet has a nice viewing ability and also compact feel to your hand. Moreover, the nice speaker (HTC BoomSound) is powerful enough – considering how small and compact the device is. Despite the size, this tablet has a pretty strong and fast processor that allows you to tackle chores and entertainment easily. Whether you want to do your assignment while listening to your favorite songs, you can do it easily. And thanks to the latest OS from Android, the Lollipop, you can enjoy a responsive system. If you are looking for a tablet with a stand, it has an optional keyboard with magnets. Sounds cool, huh?

3. Apple iPad Mini

Are you one of those Apple’s fans? If you are, you may want to consider the iPad Mini. Yes, it is small but it packs a huge advantage and functionality. The tablet is thin and light – the lightest of most tablets, including the previous products. With Retina display feature and 1536 x 2048 resolution, you will be pampered with only the best images. It also comes with 64 bit system and A8 processor that will ensure fast operation. For college tasks, this is definitely one of the best tablets for college students. 

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