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The Perfect Tea Gifts for Enjoyment

Making tea seems like an easy task that we all love to know how to do. If you read books and others sources related to making tea, you will find that there are different instructions for making each tea. Everyone also has their own their own version when it comes to brewing the best cup of tea. The reality is that each cup can vary significantly in quality. The taste of a cup of tea depends on the steep time, heat of the water, type of tea itself, and preparation method used. Today, there are different types of tea that one can purchase to make a cup of refreshing tea.

Each type of tea has its own features that include different taste and health benefits. Gifts Ready To Go offers the finest selection of loose-leaf tea from the around the world that will assure a delicious cup of tea.

How to Prepare Different Types of Teas?

Flavored Black Tea

To have the best flavors, we recommend using the Gifts Ready To Go Gold Collection Flavored Tea Gift Set rather than ordinary tea bags. Water flow around this tea makes it steep better since the tea is not confined in a bag. Heat water in a kettle or saucepan and add to the teapot to a temperature of 200 °- 212 °, put the loose-leaf tea leaves in the infuser and pour the water you have boiled over them. Make sure to use high quality ceramic or cast iron teapot sets. Thereafter, allow it to steep for 3-5 minutes and enjoy your tea. Feel free to strain the leaves, or if not, you can leave them at the base of the brewing pot. Add milk and sugar as desired.

Green Teas

Green tea is one of the most common types of tea because it has great health benefits.  For great results use our Gold Collection Green Tea Gifts Set. Place the tea leaves in the teapot, separately boil water to 175° temperature, allow the water to cool for 1 minute and then add over the tea leaves in the teapot, let the tea leaves infuse for 2 to 3 minutes, then pour the tea into the tea cups.

Rooibos Tea

The preparation process is simple. Use our Premium Hibiscus and Rooibos Tea Gift Set. First, heat cold water and let it boil at 208°. Just as the water starts to boil, remove it from the heat and pour it over the rooibos leaves. Wait for 4-6 minutes to allow brewing to achieve the appropriate flavors.

Black Tea

When preparing black tea, it is a great idea to use our Gold Collection Black Tea Gift Set or our Premium Black Tea Set. Heat the water between 200° and 212°F, measure the tea leaves and put them in a teapot, pour the water and allow to infuse for 3 to 5 minutes then enjoy your cup of black tea. Add milk and sugar to your cup as desired.

White Tea       

White tea is considered one of the purest and least processed types of teas. Using Gifts Ready To Go Premium White Tea Gift Set will give you the ideal flavored and colored cup of white tea. To prepare white tea; separately, heat the water to 175°, allow to cool for 1 minute, pour over tea leaves in the teapot and let the tea infuse for 2 to 3 minutes. Serve your tea.

Herbal Tea

Taking herbal tea is associated with so many healthy benefits. Use our herbal tea sets to brew high quality herbal tea for body wellness. To prepare the tea, boil water to a temperature of 208°, add tea leaves in the teapot and pour the hot water over the tea leaves and let the tea steep for 5 to 6 minutes. Pour the tea in a cup and enjoy.

Oolong Tea

Preparation of this tea is an art that can be mastered. This tea traces its origins back to China’s Fujian mountains. To prepare great tea, use our Premium Mixed and Oolong Tea collection and add it to a teapot, separately boil water to a temperature of about 195 ° and pour over the tea leaves. The teapot should then be covered and allowed to steep for 3 minutes. Enjoy the sweet smelling aroma and take the tea while it’s still hot.

Iced Tea

Place iced tea in a heatproof glass pitcher. Simmer water to 195 °- 205 ° and pour it into the pitcher. Allow 5 minutes for it to steep and pour tea over ice filled tea glasses. For best results, use our Gold Collection Iced Tea Gift Set.


It is recommended to use filtered water when making tea. Many towns and cities add Chlorine to the water and this will alter the taste of the brewed tea. In addition, if you prefer stronger or weaker tea, don’t vary the brewing time, simply increase or decrease the amount of tea. It is also worth noting that some green, white or oolong teas can be brewed or infused multiple times – add more water and increase the brewing time to get more out of the tea leaves.

Gifts Ready To Go is simply the best place to shop online for gifts and gift ideas. All our products are elegantly hand packaged and ship free within the continental USA (48 contiguous states). You can be rest assured you will be purchasing a high quality product at an affordable price. If you’re looking for quality tea gifts, consider buying our assortment of the finest loose leaf tea from around the world together with a high-quality cast iron teapot set to match. Voila! You have the perfect gift!

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