The DoDil, a brand-new, full-service line of sex toys developed to provide personalized interaction and customizable elements to the sex toy experience, this week announced that they have officially launched an IndieGoGo campaign to garner widespread support and the necessary financial backing to make the world’s first resizable and re-shapeable sex toy a reality.

Borne from a passion for providing individuals with an interactive way to ensure their sex toys are customized specifically for their bodies and individual pleasures, the DoDil will be available in three different types, two of them with motors, that all come in the same preset oblong shape with an external body safe silicone layer and a solid core.

By taking the DoDil and placing it in 100 degree Celsius water for only 15-minutes, users will be able to transform the product into a shapeable mold, similar to modeling clay. The DoDil is shapeable for up to 15-minutes after being heated before it returns to its original solid state.

“When we walk into sex toy shops or visit online stores today, there are hundreds of different companies and a thousand varieties, attempting to make toys that cater to the majority of the population,” said Richard Almgren, VP of Development of the DoDil. “With our ingenious product, we don’t need to have 100 different size and shape variations. We only have our one central oblong toy that can be molded to please any kind of desire.”

In addition to the sizing properties, the core material of the DoDil is 100% non-toxic and also biodegradable. By heating the DoDil up to reshape it each time, the user is also sterilizing the product, keeping it clean and healthy for use down the line. Lastly, the heat emanating from the product after reshaping it will last up to 2-hours for performance pleasure.

To make the manufacturing of the DoDil a reality, the team has launched an IndieGoGo After Dark-Collection crowdfunding campaign. They are now offering presales throughout the month of April, and are planning to ship the first batch out this summer.

 “The DoDil is poised to add a new dimension to how we interact with sex toys today,” said Almgren. “It’s going to set people’s imaginations on fire, and provide a personal adaption to their own body in the process. Spread the word on the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, and head on over today to watch a demonstration video for how to mold the DoDil.”

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