Seeking employment – the first step

No wonder the number of people who are unemployed is quite high. I am often troubled as to why are there so many people who find it so hard to get a job. It is important for everyone to have a job so that they can at least pay their bills and afford the regular meals. But, with the growing number of people seeking jobs, it isn’t that easy to get one. This is why I wanted to help those who really need one.

I wanted to guide those who are going to appear for their interviews as I believe that sometimes it is the little assistance that has the potential of making the whole lot of difference. Since we are talking of interviews here, let us begin from the very scratch. The first question which you are likely to face is your introduction.

Now, some of you make the mistake of thinking that your introduction is not even a question and you could simply state a few facts and be done with this. If you are of the same line of thinking, I am warning you to stop right now. Do not make this mistake. Your introduction will be the answer wherein your interviewer will draw an impression of you.

This is why you will have to be sure that you create a good impression because based on this impression; your rest of the interview is likely to head on the same track. If your interviewer feels that you are shy, incompetent and lacking confidence, you will really need to put in too many efforts to shake that image off. So, the sensible thing to do is it projects a good image right at the very start and it should serve the purpose at hand.

Keeping the interviewer hooked

The main tip which I give to most applicants is to try to keep your interviewer hooked. The moment you sense that he is losing interest in your answer, you should wrap the answer and wait for the next question or you should try and spice up the answer and add meaningful data to it.

Doing this can definitely help you improve your selection chances significantly. There is a lot that you need to learn and I do know that sometimes despite doing everything right, you don’t get a job because lady luck might not always be on your side.

However, if you put in the right preparation and keep the good work on, sooner rather than later you should succeed in getting the right job. So, improve your personality and expand your horizon of knowledge. With the right personality, good technical background, confident personality, there is no way you can’t get the job you deserve. It then all becomes a matter of luck.

All the best!

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