Popular interior design trends for the summer

This year, interior design is taking a more organic and natural approach to designing spaces and this is especially true now that summer is on the way. Designers are preparing to open all of the curtains and windows and brake down the barrier between indoors and outdoors, bring in grand spaces that feel wild and raw.

Walls and Surfaces

Interior design is taking its inspiration from the outdoors this summer, bringing back natural and earthy colours and textures. Green in particular is becoming a fast favourite with green in all shades being the focus of interior colour palettes, accompanied by muted greys and earthy tones.

Walls and floors are showing more of their natural textures as well, with raw brick and plaster making their way back into 2017 trends, as well as repurposed wood and terracotta. When it comes to surfaces as well, the focus is on rich, natural textures.

Furniture and Fabrics

When it comes to fabrics and furniture everyone is looking for interesting textures and patterns. Leathers, suedes and wools in particular are showing great promise with exotic prints coming a close second. This summer everyone will be looking at bright and bold colours to contrast neutral tones. So, you should be looking at a combination of neutral and bold fabrics and textures to contrast as well as match your walls.

Ornaments and Decorations

This trend goes by the name “controlled rusticity”. This is a trend that draws out the beauty of materials by contrasting raw with clean textures, such as marble and brass or glass and clay. Decorative ornaments in particular are making a comeback and the DIY trend of 2016 is doing a complete 180. This summer, decoration is expected to be artisanal and expertly crafted. We’re going to be seeing a lot of raw, white ornaments with more texture and colour. It’s the flaws in the object that make it interesting and match the organic them of 2017 interior design.

On top of this, statement decorations are coming back, but not in the way you know it. Rather than cluttering up surfaces, it’s the lights that are decorated. Chandeliers and bold light shades in particular are the latest favourites, making light a bold presence in a room as opposed to just an accessory.

Matching the love of green, leafy plants should be the most obvious decorative pieces, as well as terrariums. We want to see more of the outdoors brought indoors to bring summer into the house. The bright summer sunshine will also allow you to be bolder with your colour choices and you don’t have to be afraid of bringing in palm leaves or a vintage style Ficus.

The Space

This summer is all about smart furniture - furniture that folds and hides to make a room bigger and transform a space .But, it’s not as simple as getting a sofa bed. Think about fold-out tables and chairs, hidden screens and tucked away appliances. An adaptable space is one that brings innovation into your home and creative solutions to open up your spaces. Rather than cluttering up your surfaces and floor, you should be looking to create more of a minimalist atmosphere, letting the room speak for itself.

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